Tips for Naming E-Commerce Products

Tips for Naming E-Commerce Products

You’ve just had a brilliant idea for an e-commerce product. One that fits neatly into that niche you spotted and is bound to be a winner. So, what do you call it?

Names matter. Your name is what your customers will remember. Your name is what you are going to build a brand around. A good name will sum up what your product does so your customer gets the idea instantly. This is why naming consultants exist to help you choose and market your new name. And check all those little niggles like “Has anyone else thought of this before?

What’s in a Name?

A name distinguishes your product from similar ones in the marketplace so it’s important to choose something that stands out. When thinking about brand names for e-commerce products it’s also important to take into account the impact your name will have on SEO and PPC.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is going to be important in building your brand. It’s the process of tailoring your website and content so that searchers find your product before your competition. When users are searching for a product with the intent of making a purchase, they will want to complete the fewest steps necessary for a purchase. To successfully reach the users, your product names need to be a combination of popular keywords as well as your brand and product name. This ensures that users find your products before your competitors’ products.

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a type of advertising that relies on keywords to determine which adverts are shown to searchers. You pay when a user clicks your advert, but your advert only gets shown if it is in the top few adverts that match on keywords (there’s a bit more to it but let’s keep it simple). So, if you have a name which is simply a keyword, you’ll be up against lots of advertisers bidding on that keyword, some of who will have far bigger advertising budgets.

Should I use a descriptive name for the actual product listing?

Your brand makes you stand out – but customers are likely to find specific products in the competitive environment that is Google Shopping, so you need to ensure that your product name contains all the necessary information. A rough guide to creating a descriptive e-commerce product name is to check that it includes the following: brand name, product category, what the product is (trousers, shirt, jumper, etc), product-specific such as color, and size.

How can I stand out from the crowd then?

Start by thinking like your customer. A good name is going to be easy to type and easy for voice recognition to parse. It makes sense to keep it short – one or two short words that aren’t going to be forgotten or confused with other ones.

If you decide to make up a word make sure it’s pronounceable consistently. Words like “row” need a context to let the reader know if it’s an argument or a line!


When it comes to naming e-commerce products there is no “one size fits all” guide, which is why so many businesses turn to name consultants in order to guarantee that their products stand out from the competition and work well both on their own websites and in Google Shopping.

Even after you have named your e-commerce products you still have more work to do. You should be continually monitoring and optimizing them, to pinpoint what works best for your brand and your customers.

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