The Key Tips For Hotel Sales Manager To Keep Accelerating Hotel Business

The Key Tips For Hotel Sales Manager To Keep Accelerating Hotel Business

Running a hotel is a difficult task. You never know how much of advertisement is necessary to create a positive brand awareness of your hotel, especially if it is a new one. Touring with clients can never be enough and you never know how much to tour. You need to have some specific qualities to acquire more customer consistently to increase the business growth.

Hotel Sales Manager

How to be a good sales manager for a hotel?

Tips #1

It’s important for any hotel staff to show around the clientele their hotel in order to further the hotel’s chances of booking them. A normal hotel that treats their client nonchalantly is probably going to get asked for a place, they will quote a rate and hang up the phone and never care to follow up or be physically present. But a proper hotel sales manager will want to know more about the client before the client appears in person, so that when he does they will have something neutral to talk about.

Tips #2

Just the day before the appointment many people have the propensity to mail the client. However, a call shows much more warmth than a mail and also goes a long in showing that you actually care for them and this is universally adored. The day when a tour of the site is going to happen there should be ideally no surprises. A good sales manager will always take a demo walk before, on his own to check if the rooms that he plans to show are in proper rooms, he will look after the smell and make sure that the room is in a show condition.

Tips #3

On good days it takes around fifteen minutes to choose the room you want to show as a sales manager but on bad days an hour goes by and still you don’t come across your version of the perfect room. If the sales personnel discover the aspects of the hotel that are detrimental for businesses, then that should be brought forth in front of the management. Once a client is happy with what he has seen, it is mandatory to formulate the paperwork and send it to them through your contacts. Clients like to receive their paperwork immediately after they have checked the property out.

About My Hospitality Sales Pro

They are a consultancy and management initiative that trains hotel personnel and acquires targeted clientele for hotels to give them an edge in the hotel market. Here is the list of services they offer.

Leadership- Their consultants provide leadership skills of immaculate levels to your team in both calculated and hustle approach and making sure that your staff is aggressive and passionate about increasing hotel revenues.

Sales Pro- Using their no fear technique to get any deal done over the line and as such they have helped thousands of hotels across the country close new deals.

Training- Getting rid of the initial fear of having being rejected after having pitched their sale. They get everything done from, backyard canvassing to get rid of client objections.

Blitz- They will make sure that a positive attitude regarding your brand awareness has been created in your niche. This helps you really if you are a new hotel trying to create a mark in the industry. They provide a very elaborate final report on accounts, SMART action components, and total revenue opportunity with regular follow ups to make sure that your success is not temporal.

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