Tips To Prevent Accidents In Concrete Pumping

Tips To Prevent Accidents In Concrete Pumping

Concrete pump project generally consists of projects related to pumping for huge concrete placements. It is used in the areas which are tough to reach and are really compact like the second floor or the basements of the building.

Truck mounted concrete-pumps directs the concrete with speed and ease which eventually help in saving money, manpower and also time. They help in easy transportation of the concrete and also includes the best methods for pumping. But this entire process can prove hazardous. Let’s have a look at some of the safety measures that can be adopted to stay safe .

Sleep Is Important

The concrete operator is responsible for the safety. Therefore, it is important to get proper sleep and wake up fresh and active for the day’s work. To control the heavy equipment used during the concrete pumping, a good sleep is essential. The pump accidents can be fatal to everyone working on the site.

As an operator, take time to get hold of the machines safely and securely. Also, the intake of alcohol, drugs and any such substance must be completely avoided. Do not invite trouble for yourself, fellow workers and the client’s property with such reckless behavior.

Concrete Pumping

Get The Required Information With The Handy Operator’s Manual

It is advised not to depart from the yard. Carry the handy manual of the machine operator. This makes the work easier for you. Before starting the work, read the manual first. Understand the instructions well and then go for it. With every new unit, such manuals are issued.

Examine the Delivery Lines well

The end and delivery hoses of the concrete trailer pump need to be examined properly so that the damages can be detected well in advance. Get the information about the maximum pressure that can be applied to the concrete with the help of the machine. In addition to that, make it sure that the clamps, pipes and hoses can handle the pressure in a nice way.

  1.  Also, the unit has to be supplied with the clamps, pipes, hoses and gaskets which are required for the work.
  2. Inspect well before you tow the Concrete Pump.
  3. Have a careful look at some of the important things of the truck like tire pressure, brakes etc.
  4. Also, check for the bald tire which can be a cause of the blowout. You can easily lose control over the vehicle here in no time causing the accident.
  5. There must be a reliable electric connection between the trailer and the truck. Also, the lights should work properly so that you can have proper control over the vision too.
  6. While you tow the trailer pump, make use of the safety chains. In addition to this, it is important to cross the chains well when the safety chains are hooked up properly. This way, in case the trailer gets unhooked, the trailer tongue can be caught to avoid mis happenings.
  7. While you tow the pump, your turning radius and stopping distance need to get increased by a large amount. Keep notice of this all the time.

Important Points To Consider

  • When the concrete pump is ready to get started or is running, never get busy in some other stuff. It is important to keep a note of this. If you have to leave the space for some time, make a person responsible for the machine before leaving.
  • If the point of placement is not visible to you, make it sure that a communication system is set up with the workmen. The systems like radio, auditory or visual signal can be used over here. In case, you are using the spotter then talk about the hand signals before you begin to pour the cement.
  • Ifthere are spectators which are close to the work area then put some kind of barrier for the safety purposes.
  • Also, it is advised to not to stand between the pump and the mixer.

To get the professional service of concrete pumping, there are companies online to provide affordable services straight to the site for commercial as well as domestic use. They take proper measures to complete the work in an appropriate way taking the precautions to avoid the accidents.

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