Tips to Find an Accredited Solar Retailer & Installer

Tips to Find an Accredited Solar Retailer & Installer

The number of homeowners making the switch to using solar power is on the rise. There are many reasons why so many are opting for solar panel installation like cost and environmental reasons, etc. However, one of the main reasons is the high cost of electricity. Installing solar panels will reduce the annual electricity bill if not eliminate it. It also helps increase the property value and is a good way to gain energy independence from the commercial energy grid.

Switching to solar power is also a good way of supporting the cause of a cleaner and greener environment. Homeowners can also take advantage of the rebate offered by the government; however, the first step is to find an accredited solar retailer to install the solar panel system. This article goes on to provide important information on finding the best solar panel installers in Melbourne.

Popular solar panel systems

The first question that is likely to pop up in one’s mind is how many solar panels are needed to meet the energy requirements for their house or business. The professional solar panel installers in Melbourne can assist with the feasibility test as well as advice on the number of solar panels required. Some of the popular solar panel systems include:

  • 4kW – 13 panels for 6400 kWh annually
  • 5kW – 17 panels for 7300 kWh annually
  • 6kW – 19 panels for 9600 kWh annually
  • 10kW – 32 panels for 16000 kWh annually
  • 14kW – 44 panels for 22400 kWh annually

Important Statistics and facts

  • The Australian solar power revolution began in 2009.
  • As of May 2021, over 2.65 million solar panels have been installed in Australia.
  • The number of solar panels installed in 2001 were 118 while those in 2005 was 3528.
  • By 2009, there were 85,103 solar panel systems installed and by 2015 there were 1,642,089
  • In 2018, 224,838 panels were installed making the total number of panels installed 2,041688
  • New South Wales leads the way when it comes to the most number of solar panel systems as of 2019, with
  • Victoria coming second and Queensland third.

Tips to find an accredited solar retailer & installer

  • There are many options when it comes to selecting someone for solar installation in Melbourne however, it is important to note that not everyone will provide high-quality installation.
  • It is important to select an accredited solar retailer.
  • The Clean Energy Council (CEC) of Australia maintains a list of the accredited firms offering renewable energy. This is also a list approved by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.
  • It is a good practice to shop around to find the best solar installers in Melbourne.
  • Some of the vital information to inquire about include the type of panels to be installed, warranty details, maintenance information and how qualified the professionals are.

Always pick an accredited solar panel installer, one that has been approved by the Clean Energy Council. The Internet is a good source for research; it is also a good place to find information on different types of solar panels and also look for testimonials and reviews. It is a good practice to check the reviews prior to selecting one. Besides searching on the Internet, it is also possible to find a good solar panel installer by asking friends or family for references.

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