Tips to Select Customized and Standard E-Signatures

Tips to Select Customized and Standard E-Signatures

As the traditional “paper-based” world is giving way to digital documents and transactions, companies are demanding innovative solutions for the digital signature and authentication of such documents, files, and forms with iron protection of forgery against Customized and Standard E-Signatures

At the same time, such a solution should be easy to use, easy to implement. And offer a quick return on investment.

With the advent of global digital companies, transactions and documents may need to be sign by many people in different parts of the world. Users should be able to sign documents right from their desktop or through any web browser without a technology footprint.

Digital signature online pdf should be able to

1) Verify recipients outside of an organization.

2) Enable employees to sign documents on the go.

3) Enable cross-platform functionality.

4) Enable the use of a wide variety of applications such as Microsoft Word®, Adobe Acrobat®, and TIFF images.

Seal and protect documents with Customized and Standard E-Signature

Digital signature systems should allow the document to be sealed using standard technology. So that you can apply your graphic signature to the document.

Some solutions add an E-signature online app image to any document created in Microsoft Word. This signed document can easily be change by any recipient while the graphic electronic signature remains intact. This security gap opens the door to fraud and counterfeiting. 

The solution used only placed a digitize “image” of the signature on the document. It does not seal the document, does not verify the authenticity of the person signing it. And does not guarantee that the transaction cannot be changed.

Multiple application support

A digital signature system must support several applications. Many electronic signature systems allow you to sign documents that have been create with the most frequently use applications. Such as Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat. 

However, many electronic signature systems do not support popular applications such as AutoCAD, ERP, and others. The paperless world demands the same flexibility.

Multiple signatures in one time

It should be possible for more than one person to sign a document in more than one place. There is some best online signature app that only allows one signature. And once the document is sign and seals it is impossible to add more signatures.

Traditional document-intensive organizations such as B. Insurance companies or financial institutions have large quantities of many different types of documents. That must be processed on a daily basis. 

In some cases, one part needs to be approve by one signer. While another part needs to be approved by another person. With a traditional “wet” signature, it is a simple matter to sign or initialize anywhere in the document. In the virtual world, an effective digital signature system should allow “partial signing” which allows signers to edit and sign their portion of the document.

Compliance of signatures

In order to be consider legally binding, documents and transactions – whether paper-base or electronic – must meet many basic requirements and strict standards. An electronic signature Online must meet the same criteria as a “wet” signature. This includes the following basic requirements:


The signature can be authorize through a secure process.


Any manipulation during transmission can be detect.


The signature cannot be viewed by unauthorize sources.


The electronic signatures should be verifiable via all parties.


The signature cannot be denied.

Methodology of Customized and Standard E-Signature

The first two requirements prove that the recipient and the sender are authentic and authorized to conduct this transaction. The next two provide methods to prove that the content of the message is authentic. And that the recipient can be sure that the data has not been alter or lost in transit. 

In addition to the general requirements mention above, in some industries. Such as B. in finance or in the pharmaceutical industry, special requirements.

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