Tips To Stay Sane While Relocating With Kids

Tips To Stay Sane While Relocating With Kids

Home moving is already a daunting process and with kids, it can be even worse. Typically families thrive on routine and consistency during such procedures. But moving throws all of that and takes it out of balance. Meals, school time, tuitions time, nap routines, etc. everything goes out of the window. To make the whole process manageable, you need Agarwal packers to finish off the moving tasks and of course, a moving plan specially made to execute it with kids.

This article will help keep you organized during the entire moving process along with keeping you sane all the while.

Before you move:

Create a plan- One of the first things you should do before you move is to create a smart plan. Some moving companies provide dedicated move coordinator who helps you to create one as per the nature of your move; if you are moving for the first time it is better to seek advice from them.

With kids, this is extremely important. It can be even helpful to hold a family meeting to discuss a plan with your kids, not only to help get familiar with the process but also to get their opinions and inputs on what is most essential for them.

Create a detailed checklist- Besides, framing a plan, do not forget to create a moving checklist where you can clearly keep the records of the tasks and complete them on time. When moving with children, organizing is the key, and creating this checklist will help you to ensure everything is getting done properly.

Make it interesting- Change is not always bad, it’s all about perspective. Try to make it adventurous for your kids and plan everything accordingly. Take a pen and paper and draw what your room should look like. The decision to move may not be happy for you and if that is the case, you must try to maintain a positive attitude especially in front of your kids. During this transition, your child is going to be looking to you for a lot more and taking your lead on how they feel about it so, try to be what they want you to be, however unintentionally just to make them happy at least.

Pack the important items first- Kids have a lot of things that they need and as you get closer to your moving day, you may want to go through your kid’s room with them and allow them to decide what they want to get moved at the new home. Well, kids might say that they want to take all the things with them but you are one who has to make them understand, the relevance of each item that they should take along. This is the point when you have to use your best judgment and pack the important items when they are either sleeping or at school. Moreover, they will never notice that it’s missing.

During your move

Have child care help- You are going to be very busy on moving day. Even if you are having movers and packers to handle the task, you will still be stressed because of the mess that has been created on that day. Have someone around from your family or any friends, who can help in keeping your children occupied while you are keeping tabs on the move. This will help your kids sheltered from the extreme mess and high-stress conditions and they will remember having fun on the day of the move. Even if you have older children, you could realize that you are grateful for the extra help.

Assign a task to your child- If you are unable to secure child care, it can be helpful to give your child a very important task on moving day. For instance, playing with the dog, or bringing snacks for movers, etc. Make sure they do not get tired, just do this thing to keep them a little busy while the process is going on.

After your move

Utilize your time in unpacking – Don’t give yourself so much stress by rushing through unpacking immediately. Your house does not need to be perfect for your kids to feel at home but you can make it like that. Set your kid’s room first in the same way in which it was previously arranged, it will give them a feeling of home and your children will be more comfortable in adjusting.

Know your neighbors – You may have already examined the neighborhood for kids, but if you haven’t done it yet then take some walks around before dinner with your kids. Not only it will help to get familiar with the surroundings, but you just might run into some kids of their own age. Try to lead the way of your children by being friendly with them and if you are ready to make new connections, your kids will follow you for sure.

Visit their new school – Probably the most stressful part of a moving process is your child’s study. It is the most affected part so it is better to visit their new school the very next day on reaching your new home. Talk to the people residing nearby and gather information about the best schools located there. Make a list of famous schools, visit them, and try to get in touch with the teachers to understand and judge a school in a better way.

Donate empty boxes – After you have unpacked the stuff, donate the empty boxes. You can get in touch with the NGO because they make use of such boxes to transfer food, clothes, and other things or you can ask your neighbors if they need to store something in those boxes or at last you can even call movers to ask if they want them back.

If you follow these simple steps and have Agarwal packers and movers by your side, you can surely make your upcoming move successful under all conditions even with your kids also.

Happy Moving!

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