Flashback 2020: Top 5 Changes Happened In The Corporate World!

Flashback 2020: Top 5 Changes Happened In The Corporate World!

Every individual on this planet will agree with the fact that 2020 was indeed a tough year. It has become a meme, a cliché, and whatnot.

And in no way HR managers, employers, and employees were exempted. In fact, HRs were on center stage, helping the workforce and supporting their employers to stay safe and productive as the world’s largest shift to work from home happened almost immediately.

Here is when a big question arises- what will 2021 look like for human resources managers? Of course, none of us has an answer to this, and if there is any lesson 2020 taught us, it is to expect and prepare for the unexpected. But at the same time, there is no doubt that HR managers will continue to play a leading role in helping their organizations and most importantly, their employees during every circumstance.

In this time of uncertainty when every country across the globe is going through a global pandemic, it has become crucial for businesses and leaders to rethink, reinvent, innovate and adapt rapidly to stay ahead of the curve and thrive along the way.

In this blog, we will talk about the top 5 changes that Indian businesses adopted in 2020 to adjust themselves to the new normality we are living in today. So, without any further ado, let’s dive into the blog and have a quick recap of last year.

Talent Acquisition

Let’s admit it, online hiring has become the new normal lately. Be it posting job requirements, video interviewing candidates, or choosing the right people, companies in India have started hiring new talent with the help of technological advancements such as HR software. Needless to say, reaching out to a quality talent pool was increased in the year 2020 with a large number of people looking for jobs amid a crisis. Additionally, with more technology, automation, and virtual solutions at the disposal of companies, interacting with candidates, and hiring them was easier and faster. It even became vital for HR managers to keep up with the changing times as well as technology and acquire a modern approach.

Onboarding Talent

After hiring, onboarding is another critical part of the recruitment process that has also become virtual of late. From interactive webinars, podcasts, to animated explainer videos, there are a host of things that have helped companies to make their onboarding process efficient. Most importantly, human resources solutions like HR software have also made onboarding super easy for businesses. Such systems not just allowed HRs to plan and communicate frequently about the employee’s job profile but also helped them to offer the best candidate experience even during a difficult time.

Learning & Development

With a lot of options such as webinars and skill upgrading workshops available, online learning and development become simple and interesting in 2020. All thanks to virtual communication and training tools that helped companies enhance employee engagement to a great extent and provided a new platform for future development as per the rapidly evolving demands of the Indian market. Truth be told, there was a lot of participation from employees and businesses in the learning and development department in the last year. Besides, training professionals have also been at the forefront of embracing new technology.

Employee Engagement

One of the most important duties of every company is to help its employees feel valued and keep them engaged. To acquire such a workforce, consistent interactions, and offering opportunities for growth are acutely essential. But COVID-19 pandemic made employers and companies come up with new ways to maintain employee engagement in the year 2020.

HR software is one such remarkable way that helped companies in India to establish a stronger digital employee engagement platform. People even relied on HRMS online mobile application to appreciate the effort, recognize talent, and ensure teamwork and collaboration.

Employee Wellbeing

Coronavirus even brought focus on employee wellbeing like never before. With a good number of Indian companies adopting WFH, it was, undoubtedly, complicated for HR professionals and employers to monitor the wellbeing and efficiency levels of their employees. As a result, organizations were left with no other option but to implement HR software that offered them features such as online surveys, video conferencing, and more. Such systems helped business leaders to understand their employee’s behaviour and address the problems faced by them on the work as well as personal front.

All in all, HR software is the REAL HERO that helped companies in India to accept, process, and respond to the changes that happened in 2020.

And, a key takeaway from last year is that companies will have to change their

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