Top 5 Mobile applications like Uber for Online taxi booking. How you can get app like Uber?

Top 5 Mobile applications like Uber for Online taxi booking.  How you can get app like Uber?

Those days are gone when people used to wait on roads for local rickshaws or taxies to travel around the city. Yes, we are used to waving our hands high and shout ” Hey Rickshaw or Taxi” but almost among all none of that drivers are interested to listen to you. Now globalization changes this business. In recent years local rickshaw and taxies are least in use because online taxi booking services and this become the major transportation medium in almost every small to medium cities.

The cities in India like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Ahmadabad, and many other’s people highly prefer to choose online taxi booking services for go to the office, shopping, hospital, airport, and etc. Technology took place every sector and the innovation of mobile app development or online taxi booking application all around the world makes life easy. By installing a taxi booking mobile application just have to put the location of destination using GoogleMap and your cab driver will allocate to you. Yes, it takes 3 steps only to book a cab from anywhere and anytime from your mobile devices.

We all know this kind of applications are too easy to operate and manage. we might think that the market of mobile application like this is good and less competitive, but not the market is full of competition not in India but all around the world. So let’s check who have already set their mark in this market. Here are Top 10 Mobile Applications Like Uber Taxi Booking.


We all know about the uber, Uber has already set the mark about quality and affordable taxi booking service. Uber providing service worldwide. The company is covering the highest number of cities and countries in the world. As per the resources, we get to know that uber is serving in around 68 countries and 80 cities.

Uber provides a ride in 3 categories Uber Pool, Uber Go, and Premier. In Uber pool, we can share our ride with others so that the rent also will divide. The pool is a very affordable feature who have to reach someplace on a regular basis like an office. UberGo is an economy feature for privet rides. In this category, the user can get a hatchback and compact cars.  the last one is premier in this user can get comfortable sedans and top quality drives. That’s why this ride is a little expensive than others.

Uber also provides UberAuto in India and some other countries or for travel between the local cites uber provides a ride like Hire Go and HireX . Uber app is available in Android, ios, and windows. They can accept all type of payment methods and provides a secure ride.

Countries Available: India, China, Hong Kong, New Zealand,  South Korea, and many others.


After uber here is Lyft taxi app. Lyft is a US-based taxi booking app which is covering almost 60+ cities of America. It is one of the best Application in the US to get ride easy, safe and affordable. While choosing the drivers Lyft check the background of the first and most important is driving license. The application is most interacting and attractive as well. When a user selects the ride they get information about the ride and driver detail as well.

The best thing about the Lyft is the average waiting time on Lyft is minuscule 6 seconds. Like uber Lyft also have types of rides. Lyft has 3 types of rides available 1) Lyft, 2) Lyft Plus and 3) Lyft Line. Minimum to maximum capacity to travel is 1 to 6 people or group. This application is available in Android and IOS both with better response time and features.

Countries Available: The United States Only.


Ola is the fastest growing taxi booking company. It is serving around 100 + cities in India. Like other taxi application ola also have some type of rides like small cars, metered cars, sedans. Ola also has one more thing as per the Indian area they also have tuk-tuks to book online. The user can book their ride anywhere from the city. India is the main market for Ola. Ola also bought their competitor before some time called Taxi For Sure. Ola mainly focusing on user comfort and that’s why they provide verified drivers, safety features, cleanliness, and comfort.

Ola has become the most used and booked mobile application for taxi booking. The user can book their rides for around the city as well as for outstations as well. Ola application is available in all mobile platforms like Android and IOS both. The application accepts both types of transactions cash and cashless. Recently ola introduced the postpaid feature in that you can ride when you want and pay later monthly.

Countries Available: India and soon they will be in middle and north Asia as well.


Basically, Meru cabs are basically based in Mumbai, India. But providing services in many cities of India like Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad. Mere was founded in 2007. In starting phase they book the cabs on calls but after sometimes due to technology and competitors, they also get developed their Android mobile application and IOS as well.

The mobile app has features like map navigation, route tracking, history of rides and payment wallet. Meru provides a different type of rides like the hatchback, Sedan,  and SUV. They also collaborating other global companies to serve other countries.

Countries Available: India Only.


Hailo is one of the fastest growing cab services in the UK. Hailo also provides services in Ireland, Spain, Singapore, and Japan and it is available in more than 20 cities including London, Madrid, Barcelona, and Osaka, and all across Ireland. Hailo has added a new feature like user allows to book a cab on behalf of others.

Using that feature you can book a cab for your guest. They also introduced epay feature using that you can pay fare directly from your devices and you subscribe them to premium then they also provide you the cars like business class. Recently Hailo is available in Singapore as a metered cab.

Countries Available: United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Singapore, Japan.

Get Similar app for your business

Above all companies get ideas about taxi booking application from uber and they all are very much successful in their countries and cities. Day by day we are going to the digital world and use of mobile applications are frequently increasing. So, This is the real time to put yourself into the market for a taxi booking and serve more and earn more. We at YoungBrainz providing services like best mobile app development service. After reading the whole article if you are interested to develop an app like uber will beneficial for you that we are happy to help you.

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