Top 5 Winter Sun Destinations in Europe

Top 5 Winter Sun Destinations in Europe

Winters are coming! And so is the time to travel. Europe is the most visited Sun Destinations among avid travelers, but winters create another charm to its cities. There is an urban legend that states that winters do make a man gloomy and lazy. However, traveling in winter has many advantages. Although many travelers prefer to travel to warmer cities, traveling to colder areas has its charm. If you are looking to book a flight to Europe, try booking your seats using British Airways reservations options for the best travel experience at the most affordable fares.

Let’s find out the best places to visit to witness the winter sun in beautiful Europe.

Helsinki, Finland

In the middle of the Baltic Sea, Finland’s capital is among the coldest regions in the European continent. Helsinki in winter is snowy and cold, although this winter is not being especially cold in any area of Europe with positive temperature anomalies that indicate that temperatures are being above average. But even so, there you will find chilly places as compared to our country. The average temperature in these winter months is -5.12ºC.

Minsk, Belarus

Minsk is Moscow’s neighboring capital, and we have given it second place on the list. The average temperature in Minsk during winters is -5.52°C and is usually below 0 most of the winters’ time. The city gives the appropriate representation of life in such weather conditions and is known for its friendly neighbors and night culture. It is a must to try their delicious street food and go for a drive to the outskirts of the city to witness the snow-covered roads and mountains. 

Kyiv, Ukraine 

Ukraine’s capital and pride for the citizens of Ukraine as it played a massive role in establishing the European civilization in these parts of Eastern Europe. It is one of the coldest cities in the world, and the average temperature of the town goes down to -1.2°C and usually stays below 0. Ukraine’s attractions range from the breathtaking beauty of the Carpathian Mountains to the west to Lviv’s historic city, which is one of the oldest cities in all of Europe. 

Venice, Italy

Who has not dreamed of the romantic gondola ride? Or walk hand-in-hand along the beautiful channels with your loved ones during the cold, wintery nights. Visiting Venice is the perfect destination for anyone who wishes to relax for a few days and explore one of the best and the most beautiful cities in the world. Venice is the city that welcomes you with full grace along with its unique cuisines and mesmerizing beauty. And winters accentuates the beauty and charm of the city even more!

Salzburg, Austria

Austria has many beautiful cities and pretty corners like Vienna or the Alps. However, the most favorite of them all for various travelers is Salzburg. It holds splendid natural mountains and is the best place to witness the perfect combination of modern and old music as the protagonist wherever you go. Salzburg is the city that is usually photographed under a thick blanket of snow and crowned by the white peaks of the Alps, giving the most postcard-worthy panoramic images. Travelers can get to know the house where Mozart was born, taste the most delicious delicacies, and enjoy nature in its purest form. 

Tromso, Norway

Are you searching for the most beautiful destination to have a peaceful vacation in winter? Tromso is the best option if you wish to explore the Norwegian regions. It is the northmost point of continental Europe and is the ideal destination for the full-fledged Northern Lights amidst the snow-capped mountains. Try their traditional retreats or take a ride on those mesmerizing cable cars to marvel at the Northern Lights more closely. 

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