Top Five Psyllium Manufacturers in India

Top Five Psyllium Manufacturers in India

Psyllium is a medicinal plant that has high mucilage and fiber content. It is mainly cultivated in India in Rajasthan and Gujarat. The husk coating around the seed of Psyllium husk is beneficial in relieving constipation.

Also, it acts as a dietary supplement due to the presence of high fiber content. But consuming psyllium seed directly without processing is not suitable for health. That’s why some psyllium Khakha powder manufacturers in India milled it in a purely organic way so that whole husk can efficiently operate from the seed.

It is equally important to have the psyllium husk from top-most manufacturers who provide the best quality psyllium husk in India by processing them entirely in an organic way.

So, here are the top five psyllium husk manufacturers in India.

1. Jyot Overseas – A company that ensures organic psyllium husk products:

Jyot Overseas is the leading manufacturers as well as exporters of the Psyllium husk in India. The quality product of husk provided by the company stands upright on international standards.
Due to the enormous demand, the company keeps on improving its product quality and ensures that the whole milling process passes completely in an organic way.
Jyot Overseas has a clear vision to become a prominent foundation and stand themselves as the top-most manufacturer of psyllium seed powder in India and export in USA, UK, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Europe, England, UAE, Colombia, Korea, and many more countries.
They also provide a premium quality of 99% pure husk to the customers.

2. VRAJ Psyllium – leading manufacturers of organic seeds, husk and Khakha powder:

VRAJ is one of the biggest manufacturers of natural psyllium products like seeds, husk, powder, and Khakha powder. The company works under the FSSAI certification, which ensures the quality of the product.
VRAJ now has the vision of exporting their quality products across different countries, and being reputable manufacturers, the company also provides private labeling products.
They maintain complete hygiene and pathogen-free environment during the manufacturing of the products. And the best part about the company is they periodically preserve the quality record of the psyllium husk and other products from the plants.

3. Satnam Psyllium Industries – Manufacturers and exporters of Psyllium products:

Satnam Psyllium industry manufactures and supplies quality psyllium products since the year 2000. Today, it stands as the leading manufacturing industry of Psyllium seeds, husk, and husk powder.
It is an ISO mark government house of psyllium seeds. The company always ensures excellent quality products across India and other countries. And they strictly adhere to their quality policy to supply organic products to their buyers.
They keep a hygiene check and ensure a pollution-free environment during processing, manufacturing, and packaging too. Also, they are equipped with adequate warehouses.
The company also provides the facility of private labeling to small packets and bulk-bundles.

4. Suminter India Organics – A complete range of 100% certified organic psyllium products:

Suminter India is one of the protruding manufacturing companies of 100% certified organic and non-GMO psyllium products. They work with more than 20,000 farmers so that they can provide high-quality psyllium seeds and husk.
They manufacture all psyllium products in completely natural ways. The company has a vision of establishing itself as the most prominent manufacturers of the psyllium products.
Suminter India Organic uses organic processing of the product to reduce the loss of quality of the products during processing.

5. ABHYUDAY Industries – Quality product manufacturer at an affordable range:

ABHYUDAY industries are the best manufacturers and exporters of psyllium products like seeds, husk, and powder in India. The company has been serving the best quality since 1977 and has a firm global reputation for quality psyllium product suppliers and manufacturers.
They manufacture premium quality psyllium products, which are widely used in pharmaceutical companies. Also, they have a belief in affordability, thus supplying the best products at highly competitive prices to meet with the requirement of every individual.
Along with this, they also manufacture and export other herbs and medicinal plant products as per the requirement of their potential customers.


These are the top five manufacturers and suppliers of the top-quality psyllium products which have medicinal value. Psyllium or Isabgol is an herbaceous plant that is grown in the Indian States, and these manufacturers convert them into most excellent products in an all-natural way without compromising quality.

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