Top Packaging Types To Consider – Boxed Packaged Goods

Top Packaging Types To Consider – Boxed Packaged Goods

Boxed Packaged Goods can be an important part of your marketing strategy.

The type of packaging you choose will influence the customers’ buying decisions, which is why it should complement other elements in your business plan to generate maximum appeal for potential buyers.

While there are numerous standard types available on the market, custom packages are also worth exploring – especially when you want to make a unique statement within your niche.

If you’re considering custom packaging, here are some of the types that might be available to your company.

Boxes or shipping envelopes

These are good for shipping products or gifts because they can hold a specific shape and keep things relatively secure inside them.

However, if there’s something special about what you need to be packaged up in these containers, like pills or jewelry, it may not be possible to have this type of box printed with images on it. 

Important things to note while ordering Boxed Packaged Goods

When creating custom boxes, it’s best not to focus entirely on appearance while ignoring function altogether.

Instead, try finding a middle ground where both aspects work together harmoniously and create something that conveys who you are as a brand or individual seller while standing out from competitors’ products at the same time. Possible play around with different types of custom box packaging until you find the one that works best for your business.

Some types of custom packages include:

  • Custom boxes with logo
  • Macaron packaging
  • Custom CBD packaging
  • Custom printed cosmetic boxes
  • Cardboard boxes wholesale

Business owners should take the time to research different types of custom packages.

Many businesses offer packaging supplies, which can make it easy – and affordable – to find something that works for your business needs.

Packaging is an important part of any marketing strategy, so don’t skimp on this aspect!

What are some other benefits? How do these alternatives compare with standard options? Which one would you choose if all things were equal?

Some Benefits Of Boxed Packaged Goods Are: 

  • Promotes your product
  • Organizes your brand
  • Brings more customers

Custom Boxed Packaged Good

What Are The Different Types Of Packaging Materials?

There are many different types of packaging materials to choose from. Here is a list that includes the most common:

  • Paperboard

This material is made out of 100% recycled paper and can be printed with inks that contain soy or vegetable oil.

It also has high impact, water resistance, and tear strength, making it an excellent choice for shipping boxes.

  • Corrugated Board

It is also known as corrugated fiberboard; this type of packaging material provides good protection against shock through its interlocking fluted structure while retaining considerable stacking strength. They are commonly used on large parcels such as suitcases, furniture, etc.

  • Protective Packaging Film/Stretch Wrap

Stretch wrap comes loose or preformed into rolls of various widths, lengths, and thicknesses.

Stretch film is used to wrap pallets or individual items for shipping purposes in order to protect them from rain, dust, dirt, etc.

  • Bubble Packaging

This type of packaging material uses bubbles (made out of polyethylene) as added protection against shock

It also adds void fill, which helps increase the amount of stuff you can pack into a box. Lastly, it comes loose or performed on rolls similar to stretch wrap.

  • Foam Board

As well as its protective qualities, this product provides outstanding rigidity, which makes it an excellent choice for photo mounting.

They are also known as foam board insulation boards and are primarily manufactured using extruded Polystyrene beads that give dimensional stability to other types of insulation boards.

  • Folding Cartons

This type of box is manufactured using a single piece, or blank without any joins, folds or seams and has an insert that creates the bottom panel for it.

It comes flat but can easily be assembled at home to create boxes with various opening options such as open top/bottom flaps, front door, etc.

Cool & creative packaging designs

Packaging design is something that can really make or break a product.

If done well, it will catch the eye of consumers and create brand recognition. On the other hand, if it’s not done well, no one will want to buy it.

There are many different types of packaging that can be used for products, and they all serve their own purpose.

The best thing about customizing your product’s design is the infinite possibilities you have in terms of what kind of look you can give it! Here are some things to consider when designing product packaging:

Simple color scheme

It might seem like a good idea at first, but too much variety in colors may not go over well with consumers who don’t understand how it ties into the brand or, even worse, clash with other brands on store shelves (like if two companies use red).

Stick to simple color schemes, so everyone knows where your company stands aesthetically & make sure that it’s not too similar to other companies as well.

If you do want some variation and interest added to your packaging, try using textures.

This can be anything from smooth plastic/paper surfaces or having ridges along the side of a package. Textures are usually easy for customers to recognize and tie into a brand.

Final words

So, which tip did you like the most? Did it make you think about your products differently or provide some new ideas for packaging types to consider when marketing your product?

If so, let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear back from you and see what type of insights we can get on this topic.

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