Top PPC Company In 2019

Top PPC Company In 2019

For some companies, handling PPC advertising in-house is a challenge. It may be a simple matter of lacking the experience to properly optimize campaigns for the chosen channel. Alternatively, they may just lack the time or manpower to dedicate to this digital marketing task.

Top PPC Company In 2019

This is where many of the top PPC firms make their living, by helping these companies that can’t handle their digital advertising efforts on their own.

Everything You Need to Know About PPC Advertising

There are two ways to look at PPC companies: solution providers and service providers. A service provider offers hands-on advertising and is in direct contact with you as they manage and operate your PPC strategies.

Solution providers, on the other hand, offer tools, software and other products that help make PPC easier. These tools aim to remedy some of the PPC challenges (time, experience, human capital) facing businesses, which helps make the strategy more accessible and less tedious, especially for newcomers.

This discussion will explore top companies in both categories.

Top PPC Service Providers In 2019

1.) Disruptive Advertising

From planning to execution, Disruptive Advertising will handle many different facets to your digital marketing strategy with the intent of driving more traffic from key platforms like Google and Facebook.

Their focus is an almost 50-50 split between paid search (via Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) and social media advertising through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and so on.

This is really valuable because it means that no matter what platform you want to advertise on, Disruptive Advertising has the experience and know-how to create effective campaigns. They even have content specialists capable of creating every possible ad component, from the simple text to complex videos, graphics, and other assets.

2.) KlientBoost

While only being in the business for four years, KlientBoost claims it has grown over 100% each year. This is thanks to their ability to produce valuable content for clients that not only gets them results but also teaches them how and where those results and positive ROIs are coming from.

KlientBoost focuses primarily on midsized SaaS and eCommerce businesses and is well-versed in the challenges facing these specific industries. They even dedicate a fair amount of PPC focus to Amazon Advertising, as this is an increasingly critical channel for eCommerce companies.

They create custom plans for each client that are directly connected to achieving that company’s objectives. Some of their key clients include Lenovo, AirBnB and SAP.

3.) PBJ Marketing

The PBJ philosophy is built around an analytics-based approach. This means that they bring a lot of experience to the table, and then back that up with ample amounts of data and evidence.

The majority of their clients are between small businesses and large firms. And, range across a number of different industries, including eCommerce, non-profit, education, financial services, IT, healthcare and more.

PBJ Marketing develops cross-channel strategies that are carefully crafted to entice target audiences and help drive conversions. Many reviews for this PPC company praise it for its service and communication and how this helps make clients feel important.

4.) JumpFly

With over 15 years in the business, JumpFly is perhaps the oldest PPC management company out there. This long tenure means they truly understand the industry and how to get the best results possible for their clients. They are really a company that has seen it all and done it all in the PPC world.

As far as their clientele goes, their focus is split between mid market companies and small businesses. They have clients in retail and consumer product industries.

While many companies focus on different PPC platforms and digital marketing tactics, JumpFly is all in on PPC, particularly Facebook Advertising and Google Ads.

Top PPC Solution Providers In 2019

1.) Google’s Toolbox

Google’s ‘toolbox’ is not the name of a solution. What we’re referring to is the many different tools and solutions that Google offers its users. If Google Ads is a part of your PPC strategy, you cannot overlook these tools.

Need to optimize or edit lots of campaigns at once? Google Ads Editor is a great solution. Looking for more keywords to add to your ad groups? Google Keyword Planner is an absolutely crucial PPC tool. Want to understand what searches are gaining or losing interest? Google Trends allows you to always know what topics are relevant.

You can even manage and monitor your campaigns with tools like Google Ads Performance Grader and Google Analytics.

Many of these solutions are free and easy to integrate with your existing PPC efforts.

2.) SpyFu

PPC can be incredibly competitive, especially for certain types of businesses, like law firms, financial services and certain eCommerce stores. This creates an environment where it isn’t solely about tracking your own PPC campaigns but also paying attention to what the competition is doing.

SpyFu has a number of features that help a campaign manager keep a close watch on other businesses in the PPC marketplace. You can even see which keywords they are targeting! This makes it exceptionally easy to counter-strategize and find untapped opportunities.

SpyFu is a paid tool that costs around $50 a year. But, it will definitely save you a lot of time when it comes to analyzing your competition!

3.) Unbounce

Bounce rates are one of those metrics that PPC advertisers hate to see. A high bounce rate suggests a bad landing page or site experience. When a visitor “bounces” it means that they clicked away before exploring your website further.

Unbounce is designed to help businesses create better landing experiences that reduce the amount of lost traffic on a site due to bounce. They offer over 80 landing page templates for all occasions and businesses, whether you’re looking to sell a product, gain a new lead, receive a subscriber, Ebook download or otherwise.

It is a little costly, especially compared to similar tools like LeadPages.


The companies and solutions on this list are some of the best out there. They each have been able to solidify their position and reputation in the field by providing amazing solutions and services to clients. That said, every company has their own specialty. When you can align this specific focus with your own company’s interests, you can find great results!

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