Various Options For Enjoying 1 Day Trip In Bangalore On Weekends

Various Options For Enjoying 1 Day Trip In Bangalore On Weekends

Busy people in Bangalore usually want to relax on their weekends by visiting nearby places for enjoying entertainments of various kinds. Luckily, there are many tourist attractions in and around this city where they can go for short trips for only a day and spend quality time with their families there.

Normally, people work for long hours throughout 5 – 6 days a week under too much stress. So they need to relax on weekends for refreshing their body and mind. Short trips to nearby places can be considered as a perfect means of rejuvenating from the work-related stress. They can go for a day with their families to these places and enjoy the whole time in different entertaining programmes. Hence, it is better to know about all these tourist attractions in Bangalore, for making tour plans on weekends.

Different places to go for 1 day trip in Bangalore

  • There are many resorts and hotels on the outskirts of the city where people can enjoy time amidst nature. They can go for long drives to enjoy the scenic beauty on both sides of the roads leading to their destinations. However, they need to start early morning for a 1 day trip in Bangalore and return only in late evening. They should carry swimwear if they decide to enjoy swimming in the resort pools.
  • There are some national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in and nearby Bangalore where people can go for spending their leisure time in watching the flora and fauna reserved at those places. The hills and waterfalls close to the city also act as enjoyable picnic sites where the whole family can enjoy different pleasure activities, like boating, fishing, and trekking.
  • There are some ancient monuments near the city, some of which are declared as heritage sites. People can gain historic knowledge from a 1 day outing in Bangalore to these places and enjoy the wonderful architecture of those historic forts and palaces. Some people also opt for going to the famous temples on pilgrimage trips, as found in Nandi Hills, Hassan, and Savandurga that are quite close to Bangalore.

It is best to choose a definite site and plan out the entire tour programme for the day so that no time is wasted after reaching the spot. They should carry a camera and other equipment needed for enjoying all sorts of fun activities while going for 1 day excursion in Bangalore. These short trips make great memories for the lifetime of all family members, mainly for kids.

The author knows about many places where common people can go for 1 day trip in Bangalore. So she shares his knowledge for the benefits of readers who want excursions on their weekends.

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