AmiciKart® – Improvised Tubeless Tyre Technology

AmiciKart® – Improvised Tubeless Tyre Technology


In the era of smart innovations in almost all fields, as a result of this, we will look upon one of the latest techniques introduced by automotive manufacturing companies. We will discuss on the reliable and safe, ‘tubeless tyres’ which is an upgraded version of ‘tube tyres.’ From the period of the invention of the first pneumatic tyre by John Boyd Dunlop until now, the industry has experienced a drastic change. The new tubeless tyre is less cumbersome and a more acceptable product. It has an inner tube adjusted airtight between the rim and the tyre. You can easily buy hand tools online along with the tubeless tyre. Investment in the tubeless tyre will be worthy as you will gain a better grip and comfort level.

Now let’s go through the benefits of setting up the tubeless tyre in your vehicle.

Benefits of tubeless tyres

1.Uniform rate of deflation

The leakage of air from the tubeless tyre is slow and uniform. So, the drivers get sufficient time to slow down the vehicles and reach the nearest repairing center

Less harm

In the absence of a tube, there is no possibility of puncture. Moreover, there is less chance of accidents because of no instant air-loss.

Protective Liquid sealant

Suddenly, if a hole developed in a tubeless tyre, the liquid sealant within the tyre oozes out and dries up.  It ascertains a smooth and balanced run by the vehicle on the road.

Heat dissipation

It is having a better heat dissipation because the rims directly contacted with the air. Furthermore, as there is no unwanted friction on the road, the tubeless tyre avoids the risk of a tyre exploding.

Low resistance

The low resistance feature of tubeless tyres enhances the comfort level of the driver because the vehicles run lighter and smooth.

Enormous Mileage

Such tyres allow the vehicle to run more significant kilometres if they are filled with air regularly.


Tubeless tyres improve stability due to two reasons. Firstly, it avoids uneven pressure, and Secondly, it comprises of more components such as tyre, tubes, and rim.

Better Durability

Tubeless tires are more durable as they tend to last longer than traditional tires.

Fuel efficiency

As the tubeless tire enables the vehicle to run smoothly without wobbling, it improves fuel efficiency.

Economical maintenance

It is cost-friendly as it saves unnecessary expenses on tubes and tube related issues.

Although buying a tubeless tire seems to be a great choice, yet it covers some drawbacks too.

2.Drawbacks of tubeless tires

Difficult in fixture

Tubeless tires should be airtight and appropriately fixed to the rim. You require the support of a technician or expert to adjust the tire.

Sidewall rupture

If the sidewall of the tubeless tire deteriorated, it cannot repair. Thereupon, you will need to replace the tire.


However, if the tube gets punctured, it will not be easy to mend it as it is tightly attached to the rim. In that case, you will need a puncture fix kit and a portable compressor or professional help.


To invest in a tubeless tire, you will have to spend on a new set of the tire with a new set of wheels and replace the traditional rim also. Overall, the cost of setting up tubeless tires gets costlier than the conventional tube tire.


Tubeless tires are considered to be bulkier because they embodied with more rubber and tread. They also carry thick sidewalls along with the sealant. Altogether, it is heavier than the traditional tube tire.


The pros and cons of the tubeless tire indicate that the product can be recommended confidently to those who are seeking an upgrade. Considerably, the distinct feature of the tubeless tire comprising ” No tube, no friction and Less heat ” has highly recognized in the automobile industry. These tires were previously available on luxurious cars only, but now it has been installed to other upcoming models too. The demand for the tubeless tire has been rising ever since its invention. So, if you are driving your old vehicle with the tubed tires, then its high time you consider switching to tubeless tires. It ensures you a safe and satisfactory driving experience with a desirable mileage.!

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