Types and Importance of Different Regulatory Street Signs

Types and Importance of Different Regulatory Street Signs

It is important to know and follow the regulatory street signs for safe driving and to avoid legal obligations due to violation of traffic rules. These signs inform the drivers about the traffic laws and regulations and other legal requirements for a specific area.

It is important for residential uses and is useful for personal property as well. It lets the drivers know which is private, which is nit for turning around and lots more. Signs are also useful for maintenance reasons if one does not want continuous traffic in their driveway. Well-guarded streets with easily viewable street signs play an important role in avoiding major road accidents.

About Commercial Uses

For commercial uses of street signs, it primarily notifies road users of the consequences of not following the signs. Few such signs are:

  • A yield sign that advise you about the oncoming traffic and that it is your job to let them continue if you see someone coming before you.

  • A four-way stop sign notifies drivers that everyone on road will stop and will go in the order of arrival to the sign.

  • Do not enter sign notifies drivers that a specific area may be dangerous or not open to the public.

  • There are also many specific street signs, which point out that roadwork, or excavation is in progress, or signs that signify not to blow horns as schools or hospitals are nearby. These also make public life less hectic and allow them to drive at a particular speed.

Ideally, regulatory road signs are the best way to protect property and manage surrounding traffic in a better way.

Street signs

Street signs

Few Traffic Signs and Their Meanings

Few popular traffic signs and meanings are as under:

  • Deer Crossing Signs – According to the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) by the Federal Highway Administration these signs indicate areas where deer population is active and might enter the roadway.

  • Emergency Vehicle Warning Signs – This less frequently seen warnings indicate upcoming fire and ambulance stations and not to pull over in these areas.

  • Keep Right Signs – Found in narrows roads these obstruction warnings help in the easy flow of vehicles with slight obstacles.

  • No Bicycle Traffic Signs prohibit bicycle traffic in a roadway or a facility and are put at the entrance.

  • No U-Turn Signs prohibits drivers to change vehicle direction.

  • Pedestrian Crossing Signs are always posted near intersections and crosswalks.

  • Stop Signs are the most iconic amongst all street signs and is very important for traffic safety.

  • Yield Signs are similar to stop signs but is posted at less dangerous situations.

There are a few other street signs that you will come across while driving through the state. There may be a road closed sign for specific reason and ‘closed to all vehicles’ sign as well. In these signs there may be a few exemptions like closed to all vehicles except motorcycles or closed for large trucks or even trucks carrying more than the specified weight limit mentioned on the sign. Closed signs may also mention that the specific road is closed for large sized passenger vehicles, motor cars, light vehicles except bicycles or any other specific vehicles the images of which are shown in the sign.

There may be a few other street signs such as ‘proceed only to specified direction.’ There may be different such signs that will tell you which way you should go to avoid legal hassles and a ticket. Signs of no overtaking, no parking, and time limited parking, name of street, speed and height limit are also very common.

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