Integrate Your Uber Clone App With The Most Profitable Features To Improve Business

Integrate Your Uber Clone App With The Most Profitable Features To Improve Business

The best course of action for business owners seeking rapid industry expansion is to launch a taxi-booking app similar to Uber. These tax-ordering apps act as a link between customers and drivers. Nowadays, people prefer taking taxis instead of driving their own automobiles, which makes their journey hassle-free and enjoyable. As the number of smartphone users increases worldwide, online an app similar to Uber is greater in demand. 

Investing In the Uber like App Under Your Brand Name

In recent years, there have been a lot more smartphone apps available for ordering cabs, and this trend is anticipated to accelerate rapidly in the years to come. It is an industry that will always exist given the many benefits it offers to both app users and travellers. There are numerous taxi booking applications available, each of which has been created by a different company and is distinctive in its own manner. The availability of features for both drivers and passengers has a significant impact on how this business develops.

Add Premium Features Of On-demand Taxi Booking App To Gain Competitive Edge

  • Taxi booking using iWatch App

Given the popularity of wearable technology, this feature could provide you with an advantage over rivals. By touching their phones, Apple users will be able to book taxis using their devices. The function imitates the mechanism of on demand Uber Clone Taxi Booking App. It enables you to choose a taxi, receive a confirmation, pay, get an ETA, and provide feedback.

  • Restricted driver’s fraud

A fair-practices app can do wonders for your taxi business. The software provides limited driver fraud protection, preventing the driver from marking “arrived” before reaching the destination.

  • Adding multiple credit cards

Multiple credit cards may be saved and used by the user. The user can add or remove them and use them as needed.

  • Video calling the driver

In the event of a misunderstanding or if they simply want to communicate landmarks without revealing contact information, the rider and the driver can video call each other. Seamless communication is provided by this in-app feature.

  • Book rides for someone else

It enables users to schedule a ride for someone who doesn’t have an Uber Clone. In order to book a taxi for someone else, all the user needs to do is touch on “Book Ride for Someone Else” on the app. The rider for whom the ride has been booked will receive information about the car and the driver through SMS as soon as the procedure of reserving the ride for someone else is finished.

  • OTP verification before starting the trip

Before starting the trip, the driver will need the user’s or passenger’s OTP confirmation code. 

  • Ride now scheduled later

Get the choice to ride right away or later. The drivers in the area will automatically receive the ride request at the appropriate moment. Riders may now easily schedule a ride at three in the morning to get to the airport.

  • Corporate rides

This feature gives riders the ability to set up “Corporate Riders” profiles, use corporate rides, and take reimbursement trips from the company. Riders only need to press “My Profile,” select “Personal” or “Corporate” Profile, tap “Corporate” Profile, enter the name of their company, have it verified by the app, and then take advantage of a corporate ride.

Final Thoughts

Market-ready taxi solution that resembles Uber enables you to convert your offline taxi service into an online ride-hailing service. Our white-label taxi booking app solution enables anything from on-demand taxi rides to bike taxis to taxi rentals to moto rentals to taxi pooling all over the world. It also offers a premium set of features, 100% customization, support for several currencies, and languages.

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