Your Ultimate Guide to Packaging and Shipping Various Items for Your Business

Your Ultimate Guide to Packaging and Shipping Various Items for Your Business

The good news about shipping nowadays is that you can ship almost every product without any hassle. The shipping process is also a lot faster, and you can benefit from shipping companies or courier services which are reliable, trustworthy, and fast and efficient. Tracking numbers have also become a standard so you can easily track your parcel and know where it is without worrying about it reaching its destination. You also have the benefit of courier collection services which can come to your office or business premises and pick up your parcels for you, saving you time and effort.

Packaging and Shipping

All in all, the shipping process has become more efficient and effective, and if you are heavily involved in shipping various items for your business, you can take advantage of this. But there are particular criteria for packaging and shipping, and you need to know how to properly prepare your items for shipping so you can lessen the risk of damaged or lost items. The following is the ultimate guide to packaging and shipping various items for your business.

What to use and how to use it

It’s best to use new, sturdy boxes for shipments. Make sure the boxes you use have intact flaps and the boxes are strong enough for your items. For instance, if your article is more than 10 kilograms, use a double-lined cardboard box, such as the mailing boxes from experts in packaging supplies in London like UK Packaging. If your item is more than 30 kilograms, use a triple-lined box. For items that are more than 40 kilograms, make use of a rigid pallet or wooden box. Note that if you use a pallet, you should declare the pallet’s dimensions when booking it for shipping. You should also remember that there are couriers who don’t accept or allow pallets, so be sure of this before you pack an item.

Tips to remember

  • There’s no use trying to save on the cost of packaging materials; your shipment’s protection will depend on it, anyway. Go for the strongest boxes and the strongest tape you can find, preferably special shipping tape. Make sure the container’s joins are secured with enough strong tape so they remain closed during transport. When using the tape, run it three times across the container and its joins in both directions.
  • The cushioning material you use makes a difference as well, so make sure to use more than enough. The goal is to eliminate movement within the box, so fill it with as much packaging or cushioning material as possible.
  • If you are planning to send large items (which are also fragile) such as electronic equipment, appliances, or machinery, make sure the article is completely suspended within the box or container. For this, you can make use of moulded polystyrene which can mould itself to your item.
  • If you are sending more than a single item in one box, it’s also best to wrap each piece individually to reduce the likelihood of damage.
  • Avoid wrapping the box or container with plastic, paper, or string.
  • Make use of a single label for the address; write down both the recipient’s address and your address as legibly as possible. You should also include another address label on the inside of the parcel or box.

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