Visitor Visa for Indians Made Easier With Online Application

Visitor Visa for Indians Made Easier With Online Application

If you can think of a nation in the world that is technologically advanced, has a flourishing economy and close to nature, that place is Australia. Australia has always attracted visitors from all over the world. People want to visit this country, wander to the amazing places and experience the natural beauties this country boasts of. Many times, just a visit for a small duration to someone in family or a friend could also be a reason to travel to Australia.

To visit Australia for a short duration, you need a visitor visa. Indians are living in a large number in Australia for many years. Previously, Indians have to fill in the application for the visa offline (in paper format) and have to wait for a long time to submit. It cost them more time and money and would account for a lot of trouble just for a small visa. But this thing has now changed. Indian nationals wishing to visit Australia will have the capacity to apply for a Visitor visa in an easier and open way.

Reason for the change

Applying for the visa online would cause less trouble for the applicant and thus would increment the experience of visit of the Indian citizen. Officially, Indian candidates can hold up Student, Temporary Work, Sponsored Family Visitor, Partner Visa, Permanent Work Visa, Resident Return and Maritime Crew visa applications on the web, and visitor visa will be added to this rundown.

Online visa application is a considerable help to the Indian candidates who want to visit Australia for a small duration; for a conference visit, holiday tour or visiting their friends or family. Candidates will never again need to go for a considerable length of time to hold up a paper application in hand for visitor visas. They would now be able to finish the entire application on the web.

This step has been taken after several complaints received from Indian nationals wishing to visit Australia and confronting unnecessary delays in getting this visa with protests proceeding to stream in about long deferrals in handling.

As indicated by DIBP, with the rising prominence of Australia as a popular vacation destination, there has been a huge ascent sought after for Australian visas in India. More than more than 60,000 visitor visas were granted to Indians in just four months in the year 2017 by the Immigration Department.

Benefits of online application of visitor visa

With the online administration accessible to Indians from July 1 onwards, it is normal that the visa procedure will be streamlined and will convey far superior results to the Indians wishing to visit Australia.

Online lodgement offers advantages, for example, all-time availability, electronic payment of the visa application charge and the ease in checking the status of the online visa application held up on the web, all through the Department’s web application.

Having the capacity to check the status of an application on the web, when it is completed, will enable Indian candidates to prepare their travel plans as quickly as time permits, certain that they have first acquired the visa required for their visit.

How much time would the online applied visitor visa take to process?

The present handling times for Visitor (Tourist stream) visas run from 48 hours to over 20 days, contingent upon a scope of variables, incorporating peak times in specific areas and the volume of the applications received by the department.

Applications that are held up electronically, and additionally those that give all required data and supporting documentation at the time of lodgement, are generally prepared faster than inadequate applications or applications requiring additional data.

Applying for the visa online is easier but still has to be filled in with care and precision. Incorrect information can result in you not getting the visa. To avoid such fate, take the help of the Best migration agent in Adelaide SA and prepare a complete and correct application for the visa.

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