What Factors Should be Considered While Selecting Bathroom Tiles?

What Factors Should be Considered While Selecting Bathroom Tiles?

Renovating a house or building a new one? It is always incomplete until bathrooms are built, and fine adjustments are made to them. Apart from providing a private space for your hygienic concerns, this space provides for your creative faculties to be explored as well. Tell us, honestly, how many times your greatest ideas came to you in the Bathtub or bathroom. Even Archimedes discovered his principles of displacement and upthrust in the Bathtub and coined the term ‘Eureka’ after realizing a solution to one of his scientific curiosities. 

Many psychologists have also said the same regarding bathrooms. Since these places provide you isolation from the external world, unless you are not taking the phone with you, your curiosities and creativity are spurred. Therefore, it is important to make this space durable and aesthetically suitable for your other house portions. 

This could be done by remodelling your washroom’s floor with tiles. And if you are constructing a new washroom, then laying tiles on them is a perfect thing to do. They are present in wide varieties, at affordable prices and are easily cleaned.  Buy bathroom tiles in the UK. And you would have settled the problem of washrooms, their floors, forever. 

How Should You Choose The Best Tiles for Your Bathroom?

There is a lot of diversity in the tiles. Not only is this diversity based on their designs or colours but also their prices, sizes and other unique distinctions. Here are some factors that you should consider before buying bathroom tiles. 

Know What You Want to See?

The quality and size come later once you know what kind of tiles you need? Are you going to tile the floor and walls alike? Or make a different choice for the walls and backsplash? Similarly, do you want a Pinterest inspired look for a bathroom where free-standing roll up tubs are placed at the front of catchy patterns of the tiled backdrop? Once you know what you want, you can find the colours, and the quality to match your requirements. This is because the tile industry is quite extensive, and you can find two similar designs in different qualities. Therefore, the rest of the process becomes easier. 

Size of The Tile

Tiles come in a range of sizes. If you have given a large area to your bathroom, you should go for large-sized tiles as well. By adding small sized tiles, you might be compromising on the overall appearance of the washroom, and it may look way too gridded. But if the space is small, which is usually the case, then you should go for the small-sized tiles as they look more suited to the look of the washroom.

Water Absorption

Now, to the primary function. Since the eminent function of the washroom tiles is to absorb water, it means that you should opt for tiles that are good at serving this purpose. This might give you a little worry, but if you are thinking to go with ceramic tiles, it might not be a suitable option. As compared to the porcelain tiles, the ceramic tiles are not good water absorbers and that would not suit you. However, if you are ready, and so is your partner, who might be sharing the bathroom with you to wipe off the floor, every time they use the shower or toilet, then you could go for that.

Rough-Surfaced Tiles

Some tiles have grout lines for functioning as a slip-resistant feature of the tiles. It is most suited for the bathrooms, particularly the shower area if it has a separate corner in your bathroom. These tiles are a popular choice because they would not let you slip and help your feet have a grip over the wet floor

Shades of the Tiles

It is strongly recommended to go for you to go with darker tones. Choosing the light shades would make it difficult to sustain their tidiness. Cracks on the light shades appear prominently and will always keep you bothered about revamping them. Not that you should not do it, but you want to be relaxed in the bathroom and not roasting yourself for being too forgetful. 

Final Say

If your tile selection fulfils your needs and aesthetic sense, try negotiating on the prices. If you are already learned about the types of tiles and their price ranges, that would not allow any dealer to charge you over the board for a type of tile that is not even worth it. Thus, make sure that you know what you want, and make your washroom look more funky and trendy. 

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