What Principles Are Attorneys Obligated to Follow?

What Principles Are Attorneys Obligated to Follow?

Every Profession has its principles which they need to follow. These codes help them to do their job professionally. Whether they work in a big firm or a private one, following the principles of their Profession is essential. The attorneys work in a law firm, a law firm network is an organization with independent law firms.

An attorney is a representative of his client as well as the officer of the law system. The Attorney needs to follow all the principles while he works for his client’s case; he has a big responsibility for the quality of justice.

Here are some of the principles the attorneys are obliged to follow:

1.General Principles.

The basic principles of law are taken as an oath at the start of the Attorney’s professional legal activity. These principles should become a component of the Attorney’s beliefs.

When the lawyer presents his submissions, speeches, and other private and public figures, he should constantly consider the vital requirements of professional and general cultures. In the legal services network, it is the most important thing.

An Attorney should always keep his reputation and dignity good at work or private life and complete all his professional duties conscientiously.

When the Attorney is representing a client, they should preserve their Independence.

An Attorney should never accept a fee given by the client in any form outside the main fee schedule.

An Attorney should never attract clients by offers, advertisements and promise commission to others for clients and belittle other attorneys.

A Lawyer should not refuse or deny a legal matter entrusted to them by an official figure.

2. Confidentiality of the Attorney and legal matters.

An Attorney’s job is to protect the client’s confidentiality and preserve all the information received from the client in any form.

A lawyer should assure that the client’s information is well protected by others working in their office.

The “Lawyers secret” is all the data, files, information, computer data, recordings, and pictures kept in the Lawyers office in a secure place.

To preserve the “Attorneys secret”, the Attorney assigned to the work can not leak the information and data even after the case is terminated.

Breaking the rules of protecting the Attorney’s secret shall be applied to everyone working in the office or law firm.

The Attorney’s secret can be revealed only with the consent of the client and only in the cases when it is necessary for the defence of the Attorney or to justify the decisions of the Attorney’s withdrawal from the case.

3. Free Legal Services and Assistance for Country’s War victims & less deprived.

The Attorney’s work and assist free for the people who have suffered from War and work conscientiously towards helping them. It’s an honour for the Attorney’s to help the less deprived and should treat them like any other client’s.

An Attorney will accept the criminal and civil cases of the War victims and less deprived people and will represent them when he is authorized by a body of the association.

In a scenario where there is Success in the case, the Attorney can ask for a fee, an amount which the person can pay the Attorney from the amount they have recovered from the other party with the success of the Attorney’s representation.

4. Relationship with the Client.

An Attorney should always be faithful to his client; that’s his duty. It is more important than his colleagues and the Attorney’s interests.

An Attorney’s duty is that he will use all his skills and experience to represent his client and render their case without delay. An attorney who is approached by many clients should redirect them to other attorneys in the law firm network, and should not show tirelessness, laziness because of excessive work during their work for the client.

An Attorney can only reject a client for legal assistance if he has insufficient knowledge, an overload of work, wrong reasons of the client or client’s fee issues.

If an attorney cancels to represent his client, he has to work and serve him till the client gets a new attorney assigned but only for the period of 30 days after the case was left.

During the legal case, the Attorney can not get into contact in any way with the adverse party, and it’s clients either in the absence of his client or without their full approval. During the representation of the client, the Attorney can not represent the adverse party’s client or serve them in another case or give them access to their legal services network.  

5.  Relationship and Respect between Attorney’s

The Attorney’s shall show respect and solidarity to each other because of their professions. While defending their client’s against each other in courts, such situations should not bring conflicts or negative impact on their professional respect.

When an attorney is approached by a client of a different attorney, it’s his job to let the Attorney know about their client’s actions.

The Disagreements with another attorney or a law trainee should be settled by the mediation of the legal profession committee.

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