What Security Technologies Most of the Famous Hotels Use?

What Security Technologies Most of the Famous Hotels Use?

Security is and always should be one of the topmost priorities of any hotel chain in order to continue providing the best possible services to its customers. It is quite essential that the hotel guests feel a sense of security whenever they opt to live in a particular chain of hotels. If there is a risk of any incidents like theft, then the hotel will lose its reputation and customer base.

As the world advances, many hotels have now started to invest in high-level security systems to ensure the safety and security of their guests as well as the employees. If you happen to be thinking about investing in a security system, then check out this wireless intruder alarm for your space to help you secure the property and give you peace of mind.

Today we will briefly mention the latest technologies that hotels are using in order to improve their overall security.

Proximity Key Cards

This is one of the most widely used technologies in the hotel industry. It is basically a card with either a magnetic stripe or a programmed chip that allows controlled access to certain places. Almost every hotel has these key cards with them. You might have seen these a lot as all the hotel guests are given these key cards, which allow them to access their rooms in which they are staying. This prevents unauthorized access to their rooms.

Camera Surveillance

This is another common technology that hotels are using these days. The reason for video surveillance is to ensure no incident takes place in terms of theft or any other crime. Another use is to have a record of the footage in case any crime or incident has taken place so that appropriate actions can be taken against it.

Fingerprint/Facial Scanners

Fingerprint scanning machines are installed in hotels for identifying the working personnel. It is used so that all the employees who work within the hotel are kept track of in terms of their location and timings.

Intrusion Alarms

These alarms are installed in the hotel facility at certain places where the entry might be only for senior staff members or completely forbidden. For example, it can be installed in rooms where there are cash reserves, important documents or security plans, etc.

Electronic Room Safes

This is quite common nowadays and is installed in every hotel room for the guests. This gives the guests some sort of convenience as they can keep their important items like identification documents or jewellery temporarily in the hotel room’s safe whenever they have to leave their room for travelling. It is operated by a keypad where the guests can keep a temporary pin that no one can access.

All of these technologies are used to ensure the safety and security of the guests and employees staying in the vicinity of the hotel. If any incident were to take place, these measures would be able to lessen the impact of any physical or financial damage and help to secure the overall security of the hotel.

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