Are Whats app and Excel Enough to Run Complex Construction Projects?

Are Whats app and Excel Enough to Run Complex Construction Projects?

Construction projects are investment heavy, and also a great deal of planning goes into them to ensure success. Site or property inspections become extremely important because a construction project requires constant coordination of people, materials, and equipment to ensure that the project is going forward as per the plan, and according to the standards, regulations, and requirements. Although, a site inspection is also physically ensuring as it demands the inspector to manually check and verify every phase of the construction, but technology has offered tools that help the inspector to function with some ease and comfort.

Some amount of coordination and inspection can be maintained and managed virtually or remotely using tools like WhatsUp, excel, and phone calls. But are these tools sufficient enough for running complex construction projects? These tools are half-backed solutions, they may help in bits and pieces, but as they are not specialized tools specifically designed for the purpose of inspection management, so they can neither ensure accuracy of the process nor make it as prompt as needed.

However, technology in form of Inspection management software drive more efficiency in the overall process of property or site inspection and enables the inspector to perform his duties with much more precision, especially in an automated and mobile mode. Be it about coordinating with the people involved in the project, or having remote visibility of the property, or making inspection reports, the inspection management software brings in the power of automation to every aspect of property inspection and makes it manageable in a better way.

Here is a quick draft explaining how the field inspection software tech-enabled the inspector to perform his job duties with much comfort and accuracy.

  • People management: Be it about tracking the work progress, or managing the schedules of the workers, contractors, or project meetings, fleet management, inventory management, the software has a range of automated modules to handle these tasks. Automation in job scheduling, route planning, geo-fencing, time tracking makes it extremely convenient for the property inspector to keep a tab on the whereabouts of everyone. This way he can ensure that people involved in the project are adhering to the plan.
  • People coordination: To ensure transparency in the project, it is important for the inspector to maintain the records of communication with different stakeholders. The software facilitates multiple-level collaboration like private/ public chat, document sharing, image sharing, and other forms of data collaboration. So. it tracks the communication trails and ensures that everyone has been fair on their part.
  • Documentation and data collaboration: The property inspection software functions as a centralized database, wherein it stores the automatically recorded field data as well as the manually fed documentation or data.  Being a centralized repository, it facilitates round the clock online data collaboration from anywhere.
  • On-site visits: The field inspector will also find the software quite handy to manage his schedules for on-site visits. He can set automatic reminders and notifications. So, in case he cancels a visit, the software will automatically send notifications to the concerned stakeholders; or it is making a visit, then also the software can timely send a meeting confirmation reminder to the other stakeholders so that everyone can be on time for the meeting. This way, the inspector ensures that there are no scheduling conflicts in  his site-visits
  • Maintaining inspection checklists and records: The software also has in-built templates and smart analytics that facilitate automation in the reporting process. The inspector can easily maintaining accurate checklists and records, creates reports, and efficiently share them with concerned bodies


Manual visiting the property site for the inspection is core to the inspection process. But not having the right kind of tools and technology in-hand make the process quite complex, and tiring for the inspector. Automation, mobility, remote access, real-time data collaboration, transparent communication, all these features of inspection management software are the must-have necessities of modern-day property inspection processes

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