When is the Best Time to Buy Appliances? 

When is the Best Time to Buy Appliances? 

Major appliances, such as laundry units, refrigerators, and ovens, are all quite expensive. A basic fridge with two doors costs around $1000-$2000. However, if you are looking for something with better quality and more features, such as smart home connectivity, you need to pay extra bucks.

And since the price tags for new appliances can quickly get into thousands, most shoppers do much research and planning before buying one. Some even take months of searching before they come up with a decision. One of the best ways is to purchase appliances online to see multiple options with flexible payment methods. Too, you don’t have to go out and spend more energy and money, moving from one store to another.

On the other hand, the best way to save some money in buying appliances is by doing your shopping at the right time. Below are some tips that will tell you the perfect timing to save in buying major appliances.


Most shoppers already know that they can get great deals about almost any product on shopping holidays, such as Cyber Monday and Black Friday. However, you can save more on other holidays all year round, too! Appliance retailers and manufacturers typically offer sales weekend holidays like:

  • Australia Day
  • Buy Nothing Day
  • Free Shipping Day
  • Boxing day

Buying on holiday sales can get you up to a 50 per cent discount, with some stores offering some freebies and other incentives on top of the price cut-off.

Release of new products or models

Like other electronics, the new products’ and models’ prices are highest on their release. However, you can get a better deal by waiting for a little while before buying, as there’s a big chance of a price drop.

Moreover, the birth of newer models means retailers need to make some space for new inventory. Their solution: put older items on sale.

End of the month

Stores and salespeople have quotas. If their needs for reaching their quota are greater than your need to buy an appliance, you are at an advantage.

“BER” months

Appliance manufacturers release new products and models from September to December or when holiday shopping deals kick in. This is the time when retailers are more than willing to put older models on sale.


While back-to-school seems an odd time for appliance sale, this is the time when kids are leaving for college and moving to their apartments or dorms. These kids will need new appliances, such as microwaves, personal fridge, heaters, etc.

This is why some back-to school sales include appliances, typically the smaller versions. This is the best time to look for good deals if you are looking for space-saving items.

Off-season deals

There are seasonal appliances that most shoppers are only interested in buying at specific times of the year. For instance, a barbeque grill typically used during spring and summer. Shoppers think of buying a new heater during winter and AC units during summer.

This affects the prices of certain appliances. You can get great deals on these seasonal appliances during their off-season. With that in mind, you can get a great discount on AC units during winter, heaters in summer, and so on.

The right timing in shopping for major appliances is important if you want to get the best out of your budget. Moreover, buying appliances online will save you more as you don’t need to spend on gas and food while searching from one store to another.

It would be easier for you to find good deals in shopping for appliances by following these tips.

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