Where can I find Companies Outsourcing Back Office Processes to BPO’s?

Where can I find Companies Outsourcing Back Office Processes to BPO’s?

Your question seems to suggest that you run a back office process and want to find companies that can offload their work to you. In this case, I would suggest that you build a killer website. If you have confidence in your capabilities and portray your website appropriately, you will get the clients that you deserve. Also, it is imperative that you put all the good experiences of your past clients under the ‘Case Study’ section, so they know exactly how good you are at what you do. But, all this can only work if you can offer real value to your clients.

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To ensure a good response from potential clients, it is best to learn from successful back office outsourcing services providers. Have a look at some of the key characteristics of successful vendors that you should follow:

  1. Ability to align vision with the client – The best way to impress potential clients is by showing that you can actually adapt to their line of work. And, most importantly you need to convince them that you would take every task seriously. You need to understand that most clients outsource because they do not get the desired accuracy or efficiency from their in-house staff. Therefore, you need to put your best foot forward and take boring and repetitive operations like data entry, data mining etc. very seriously and never show any laxity.
  2. Offer multiple services – There are many back office outsourcing services like catalog management, data entry, data mining etc. for which clients are ready to pay good money. If you can deliver multiple services, the chances are you will be able to grow your client base quickly.
  3. Employ the best software – The quality of back office outsourcing services directly hinges upon the quality of the software solutions that you have employed. Data entry can be hastened with OCR software solutions, catalog management can be expedited with SKU management solutions and data mining work can be enhanced with pertinent software. You need to understand that you will be using your software solutions for a very long time and for multiple clients. Therefore, never skimp on the cost of the software and get the best ones to deliver better quality of work to your clients.

Meet SLAs and deadlines – Good outsourcing back office services providers go out of their way to meet deadlines and adhere to SLAs regardless of the difficulty. You need to follow their example and do the same to create a good reputation in the industry. Your credibility is what pulls clients to your back office outsourcing company.

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