Things Not to Be Packed While Moving to New Home in Another City
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Things Not to Be Packed While Moving to New Home in Another City

Things Not to Be Packed While Moving to New Home in Another City

Are you planning for the cross-country move? You must be looking for the relocation company, which can assist you in your moving plan ahead. Agarwal Packers and Movers is there to help you out with your moving needs. While packing your goods, there is still a list of items, which are not to be packed with other goods due to the many reasons. It’s probably not favorable to pack them:

Hazardous Material

It might be there that you have firearms and you want to move it, then you should check with local police department. Also other hazardous material should be disposed-off with nearby chemical recycling company. Here is the list of hazardous material to be avoiding while moving to another city, which is as follows:

• Fertilizer
• Paints
• Car Batteries
• Matches
• Nail Polish & Remover
• Ammunition
• Liquid Bleach
• Acid
• Sterno
• Darkroom Chemicals
• Pesticides
• Motor Oil
• Gasoline
• Charcoal
• Lighter Fluid
• Aerosols
• Kerosene
• Pool Chemicals
• Chemistry Sets
• Fireworks
• Paint Thinner
• Batteries
• Loaded Weapons
• Weed Killer
• Ammonia
• Lamp Oil
• Propane
• Cleaning Fluid

One thing you should keep in mind that if you want to keep them behind, properly dispose of them or check the neighbor can use them.

2. Food Should Not Be Packed With Other Goods

You must be having the pantry of canned food and non-perishable items, which are collecting the dust. The stress of packing, moving, unloading, unpacking is not worthy as it will continue to collect dust in your ne pantry. Despite throwing them away, you should donate with NGO’s, orphanages, local food banks. Chances are, they won’t be properly stored during the move and won’t be any good.

3. Keep Your Important Document with You

You must be having certain documents like your social security cards, birth certificates, wills, passports,insurance papers, etc. These are papers, which you do not want to get into the bad hands. Plus, you should keep them handy with you once you get to the new city.

4. Prescription Medications

Keep your medical prescriptions along with in safe briefcase or purse you while moving to new home. This will help you in ensuring that they arrive to your new premises securely and safely.

5. Valuable Possessions

Here comes the turn of high value items that comprises jewelry, computers, collection, artwork etc. Make sure that huge items can be packed but jewelry and cash should be kept by you in the same luggage in your personal care.

Things to be packed for Moving Company

The above list includes few commodities only, which are valuable and sensitive that you don’t want you movers to pack and move. There are other goods like kitchen utensils, electronics, appliances, furniture etc to be packed by movers. You can take help from Agarwal Packers in relocation assistance and experience wonderful move.

If you have any queries and suggestions on packing tips or things, which cannot be packed for a moving company? Connect with us and we will provide your some guidance, and even a free price quote.

Have a Happy and Safe Move!

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