Why is a Solar Pool Heating System Beneficial?

Why is a Solar Pool Heating System Beneficial?

Heating the outdoor swimming pool with the help of a solar pool heating system is a very simple way of lowering your electricity bills and keeping the swimming pool warm enough to swim throughout the year. These kinds of systems available in Sydney are very easy to be installed and last for a good amount of time offering you free of cost hot water.

Just like house systems, they may help in turning immense energy from sun into a useful source. These systems are simple to be installed as well as operated. You just need the panel and a couple of pipes. The most conventional system may offer you sufficient heat for the garden swimming pool irrespective of the size as well as shape.

Usually for heating the water in the outdoor spa we need to employ electrical heater, gas heater, etc. Today, everything has changed drastically and we may easily employ energy of sun for heating the water with the help of the solar pool heating system.

Comfortable temperature of water in the swimming pool is relatively quite low as compared to the other uses of the hot water like showers and baths. The flat panel solar collectors are quite effective at low temperature and thus are very well suited for heating the pool in Sydney.

How does it work?

The solar pool heating system doesn’t need to be complicated at all. The typical systems comprises of the flat collector, filter, tubing and a pump. The water in the pool is easily circulated with the help of a flat collector generally mounted on the roof or right next to the pool in Sydney.

This panel may be either glazed or even unglazed. Water is heated with the help of the solar energy of sun that is absorbed by water flowing through the panels before the warm water returns back to pool.

An optional water filter is also used for removing the dirt as well as debris before it is pumped through the collector and then back to pool with the help of suitable copper or plastic tubing.

No Separate Tank Required

The system does not need any additional storage tank as the pool itself works like a tank. In most of the cases the filtration pump may be employed for circulating the water through filter and collector making it active with the forced circulation of heated water.

In hot climates or in the middle of summers, the collectors may also be employed for cooling down the water by circulating it around this system during night.

There are different types of collectors which are available in the market and each of them has its own advantages as well as disadvantages. Size of the collector need for solar swimming pool heating is mainly determined by a lot of factors which include the geographic factors, size as well as the shape of the pool.

The solar pool heating systems let you enjoy your pool even during winters and that too without spending a huge sum on the electricity bills. You may just hire a professional of Sydney and get it installed din your house.

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