Why is An Asset Management System a Blessing For Your OEM Business?

Why is An Asset Management System a Blessing For Your OEM Business?

Asset management has become an essential part of businesses like banks and OEMs. This is the reason why more and more businesses are putting their faith in them and helping them grow their market value. Since time is an asset, with these properly systemized asset management systems, you get to make better use of your time in growing your business rather than chasing your tail. Here, in the article, you will find the reasons why it is important for your OEM business to have a strong asset management system like Aspen Field Services backing you.

Before understanding why it is important to have a fully automated asset management system for your OEMs, let’s talk a little bit about who we are. We at Aspen Field Services help businesses like yours to grip on the existing business with a systematic approach while giving you time to grow it. We, over the years, have helped several banks and OEMs regulate their existing customers and grow their business. If you have any questions on how, keep reading.

Why is an asset management system like Aspen Field Services is for you?

There are many reasons why our customers love us. If we have to say it in short why they love us, we would say because we help free their time to grow your business while reducing the asset valuation process from months to days. How? This is what we are going to discuss below.

At Aspen Field Services, we offer a fully automated asset management system to our clients. Unlike the time before where the asset management & valuation process took months, we make it happen in days. Thanks to our fully automated asset management system, now when your equipment returns from lease to you, we can generate all the reports including wear & tear report, asset portfolio, and valuation report in just 3 days of time.

Once the equipment is back from the lease and ready for inspection, we will assign a technician to visit the site and record the video of the equipment, passing it to the mechanics sitting at our headquarters to monitor its functioning and performance. They perform in depth inspection on each of the equipment including any wear and tear it might have. Once the inspection is complete, we then send you the following reports –

i) Asset portfolio including photos, details, and more
ii) Wear & Tear summary carrying information on repair cost and more
iii) Equipment valuation report

In addition to this, with this AI software for asset management, you can register your equipment for lease on preferred remarketing sites. And with all these reports, the remarketing also speeds up. Isn’t it cool?

We hope by now, it is clear why it is a good idea for you to have your own Asset management system for your OEM business. So, what are you waiting for, hurry, contact us for more details on how we can help you.

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