Why LED Video Wall is Demanded Today Advertising Industry

Why LED Video Wall is Demanded Today Advertising Industry

The indoor LED video wall is a good option nowadays. It’s a revolution in signage industries that want to communicate the message to the mass population with the best solutions. Benefits if the video wall is that you can make any sizes based on your budget and it’s not restricted to any shapes. Fine pixels LED is available with a 0.9 mm pixel pitch to 10 mm pixel pitch which gives clarity and vibrant color to make the audience attract to form a large distance. You also make a curve and cylindrical video wall that looks very attractive with a 360-degree viewing angle.

LED Video Wall Benefits:-

  • Get a crystal clear image.
  • High brightness from 900 to 7000
  • More life up to 100000 hrs.
  • Lightweight and easy installation.
  • No limitation of sizes
  • 4K resolutions
  • Seamless and cost-effective solutions.
  • Front Maintenance service
  • Suitable for all weather conditions

Indoor LED display is great in demand and within two years from now India would have digitally strength for communication to the mass population to educate and advertise the product with lesser cost. These media enable us to reach an interior location where we are not reaching today. By this technology the person setting in one location able to send the message in a different location in a fraction of time and get the information very quickly and the result will save the time and cost as well. There is a lot of sectors who is looking at this technology to implement as soon as possible like

  1. To Control Railway Tracking system
  2. To control and command room
  3. Traffic security system
  4. Retails/ Malls for outdoor advertisement
  5. Real state
  6. Railway public address
  7. In-School/ Hotel/Pubs
  8. Video conferencing system.
  9. Auditoriums/Stadiums
  10. Airports and many more.

In future LED video walls will be replaced from an LCD video wall, Projection cube/Projectors. The reason is because of bulky and complicated installation and due to bulky in sizes, it takes lots of space. The Maintenance and service of traditional video wall are very complicated and if anythings wrong with any single panel you will have to replace the whole unit or you will have to wait for so many days to find out the same size and model no. The color calibration is also complicated to match all the panels. These disadvantages make the LED video wall popular. The Organisation and corporates who has already installed the Cube and LCD video wall are now looking for an option for an LED led display. The major drawback of LCD and projection video wall you will get lining in between the panels which give shabby look but in LED video wall you will get one image without any lining in between the panels. If any damage or any problem comes with an LED panel you will have to replace small modules with a very minimum cost which you cannot believe. The cost will be very less so the impact will be negligible. So in conclude video wall is the best solution for video walls.

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