Why Register Your Arcade Powercard?

Why Register Your Arcade Powercard?

Singapore is Southeast Asia’s richest country and one of the most expensive megacities in the world. But due to the competitive salary rate, residents here also have the purchasing power to keep the economy going. With just over 700 square kilometres, Singapore is a small country and there is not much natural attraction. But it is one of the most modern cities in this part of the world, with skyscrapers, world-class ports, efficient transportation, and shopping malls.

When you go to the shopping mall, you will find arcade shops, which are very convenient because you can leave your children there while you run errands or do your groceries. However, you can’t use the machine without the Powercard.

The Powercard is the principal currency when you go to arcade games nowadays. Gone are the days when you need to purchase tokens to play a machine. The tool looks precisely like a credit card and works similar to a debit card. You top-up with a load with the corresponding monetary value and swipe the card on the designated slots on the machine to play games.

You can use the Powercard to play at any arcade Singapore has on offer. It does not matter what branch you find yourself in since you can still use it to gain access to the machines. But not many people are aware that you can register the card.

Here is a simple way to do it:

You can register it at the website of the arcade company, such as Timezone, for instance.
You can also register at the store with the help of the arcade assistants. The second option is more convenient because you guarantee that you do it right the first time.

But why go to the trouble? Here are some benefits of registering your Powercard

You can check your balance online. Even if you are not registered, you may do so in-store. But nothing beats the convenience of checking the remaining amount using your phone before visiting an arcade in Singapore.

You will get special rewards not available to all players. Exclusive incentives, promos, and prizes are only offered to select members. Registering your Powercard will get you the ticket to enter an exclusive club. Of course, memberships are separated by tiers. Gold and Platinum members have access to more attractive prizes compared to VIP members.

Get a treat on your birthday. Registered Powercard members will receive a special price on their special day. Wait for the voucher on your birth monthly, typically during the first week. For example, you will get $20 worth of credits if you are a Gold member and $50 for a Platinum member. You will then present the voucher sent to your email to any of the arcade branches to redeem it.

Protect your e-tickets. Perhaps the most important reason why you should register your Powercard is to protect your investment. If you are eyeing that special prize and have been saving up your e-tickets, it would be devastating if you lost your card or damaged the magnetic swipe and corrupted the data. Unfortunately, the arcade shop is not responsible for any lost or damaged card. It is entirely the customer’s lookout. However, by registering your card, you can still recover your points and e-tickets through the centralised system. They will issue you a new card and transfer all your data on it. You only need to pay an additional $5 as payment for the replacement card. It may still be possible that the system may recover some of your data even without registration. But it is not a guarantee.

The problem, however, is when you didn’t notice that you lost it and somebody has picked up your Powercard. They can use your remaining balance and might also use the e-tickets to purchase the very prize you have been targeting. With registration, the company can block your card and still retain your total number of points.

As you can see, the simple act of registering your Powercard will provide you with ample protection, as well as give you access to exclusive promos, new games, and attractive rewards.

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