Workspace Solutions For Better Productivity And Good Business

Workspace Solutions For Better Productivity And Good Business

Any place needs to be designed in a way to fulfil its purpose. People often forget this. Be it an office space, school, hospital or any pub or restaurant; all such places require meticulous planning and design principles to maximise the productivity of the activity. Innovative and multipurpose furniture ideas can make this job painless. A functional and beautiful workspace solution should focus on the well-being of people working in a designated workspace. Workspace solutions, such as provided by Urban Hyve, is an explication of such design solutions.

The Principle

The cardinal principle or idea behind workspace solutions is that happy and healthy workers (or participants) will provide synergetic productivity. Changing the landscape of the workspace is one of the easiest ways. In educational institutions, the setup is almost always the same. Changing this well-established landscape for better student interaction can result in a positive impact on learning outcomes.


Any system that doesn’t reconcile change is bound to die. Therefore, reforming and changing the workspace once in a few years should be an essential practice. Furniture change can be the first reform that can infuse a transformation.

Office workstations and desks should encourage and inspire employees to work together and assist each other in crucial tasks. Working in silos is a thing of the past. A proper layout should inspire spontaneous meetings and discussions. A poorly organised workspace can cost a lot of money. Hence, utilising innovative furniture to organise the workspace can save a lot of money. Integrating furniture design with the functions of different employees will increase the overall efficiency. By cutting down unnecessary walking, a company can save a lot of money.

Furniture designs can also take care of health issues that arise due to occupational hazard. Spending a lot of time sitting at an office desk is not advisable. Height adjustable standing desks can prevent such health risks; they can increase blood circulation, avoid lumbar discomfort in the body and avoid many sick days, which eventually adds to its profit.

Other factors such as seating, reception table and conference room design changes can impart novel working practices. Reception desks and boardroom tables can be a benchmark for a company’s idea towards employee welfare.

Flexible Workspace

Flexible workspaces are next-gen solutions. They offer flexibility and choice for workers to work in a place of their choice. This solution is all the more relevant in this era of the pandemic. Solutions such as coworking workspace, hot desks, mobile workspace and open offices are burgeoning workspace ideas in the market.

Storage Ideas

Any workplace needs a storage space. Schools need a storage place to keep the records of students and school expenses, student lockers, etc. A hospital needs storage space to keep medicines, hospital equipment, patient records, etc. Similarly, any office space needs a storage space to store files, account books, work orders, etc. Thus, a better storage space design can save people from confusion and provide easy access to any available data inside the institution. One can seek expert help in deciding how to store their stuff; for example, Urban Hyve produces a wide range of file cabinets and lockers that can be customised for specific purposes.

Change is Inevitable

Change is an intrinsic value associated with growth and development. Thus workspace solutions will be an evergreen sector. Other solutions include mapping the facility, using arrows to indicate the flow of the workspace, etc. One must observe and infer insights into a workspace to reform it better.

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