Your Complete Guide to SAP B1 Pricing

Your Complete Guide to SAP B1 Pricing

SAP Business One is a necessity for the smooth operation of countless SMEs around the world. However, the range of SAP B1 pricing models has left many entrepreneurs confused about what packages they should opt for.

While consulting with a trusted SAP partner is the best thing you can do for implementing SAP Business One optimally, you can also make an informed decision by checking the prices of the various options and choosing what fits your budget and requirement.

Hence, we have put together a helpful list of the available packages and their prices as well.

What to Expect from SAP B1 Pricing

Depending on the license type, companies can purchase SAP Business one at a one-time cost. But remember that these individual licenses do not come with annual maintenance, which you need for getting the requisite bug fixes, upgrades, and patch releases. Also, each package has one license, so if you need to determine the price for purchasing the package for multiple people in your team, you need to multiply the package price by the number of users.

If you are going for a one-time purchase, you have the following options.

Starter Pack

The starter pack costs £1021 per user. This cost-effective package can be purchased for a total of 5 users, making it ideal for small businesses and start-ups. With the software, you will be able to perform item management, accounting, purchasing, and sales orders.

Professional Pack

It costs £2419 per user, and it allows you access to all the features of the software, including customer management, sales, inventory control, purchasing, and financial management. This package is specially designed for medium-sized companies.

Limited Pack    

Buying this will set you back by £1254 per user. This package allows you to access a particular area in a limited manner. For instance, using a limited license, financial execs can get access to the software’s financial accounting services.

Monthly Payment Options

SAP B1 Cloud Model Starter Pack

This cost-effective package, which costs £99/month for each starter user, can be used by start-ups and small businesses. You can buy it for a maximum of five users, and it can be used for purchasing, accounting, item management, and sales orders.

SAP B1 Cloud Model

The cloud model does not include training or implementation. However, it does come with cloud hosting and software licenses. Notably, the SAP B1 Cloud Model Limited Pack costs £107/month for each user, while the Professional Pack costs £147/month for each user. The former is suited for small businesses that need limited access, and the latter is optimal for mid-sized ventures that require all of the features of SAP B1.


Given that there are diverse options, entrepreneurs will be best served by a trusted SAP partner who can guide them through the complexities of SAP Business One implementation. PRAXIS Info Solutions is a reputed SAP partner that can provide you with end-to-end solutions based on SAP B1. Our expert developers are well-equipped to help you leverage automation and streamline business processes.

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