4 Reasons to Choose Mobile Car Detailing Over a Traditional Car Wash

4 Reasons to Choose Mobile Car Detailing Over a Traditional Car Wash

As a car owner, you are aware of how important it is to maintain your car. This means you will need to book an appointment for regular repair and maintenance services. There is more to car maintenance than replacing worn and consumable items such as engine parts, oil, and coolants. Thorough exterior and interior cleaning also falls under regular maintenance practices.

Regarding cleaning your car, you can either opt to go the traditional way and wash it yourself or hire experts to do intensive vehicle detailing.

Services to expert from car detailing experts

  • Car detailing

Car detailing, also called automotive detailing, is the cleaning of the interior and exterior cleaning of the non-mechanical components of your car. The process may go a step further to the restoration of damaged parts. Below is a brief description of the whole car detailing process.

  • Washing

When washing, you should use the two bucket contact wash method. In this method, you fill one bucket with the wash solution while the other is filled with clean rinsing water. It is advisable to use a car washing shampoo with a low pH and a microfiber towel. The purpose of this wash is to remove grease and any other dirt present on the exterior body. Washing also exposes any scratches or dents that may be on the surface.

  • Drying

It would help if you used a blower for the drying process. Alternatively, you can use a microfiber towel as it serves the same purpose. After that, you can apply a clay bar to your car to remove any remaining contaminants. This is followed by the application of post-clay spirits that remove any remaining clay residue.

  • Polishing

Before polishing, you need to inspect your car for swirls and paint imperfections. You should only polish after you find the swirl marks. Using your buffing pads, you should perform exemplary detailing.

  • Protection

Application of a wax or sealant to the polished paint is vital to making it last longer.

  • Interior detailing

After being done with the exterior, you need to focus on the inside of the car. Removal of any germs or bacteria is through vacuum cleaning, carpet mat cleaning, and upholstery. Afterwards, you can add an interior trim protectant that does not leave behind a sticky residue.

Reasons to Choose Mobile Car Detailing

Mobile car detailing entails bringing the auto detailing services to your physical location, be it at the office or your house. The following are convincing reasons why you should choose mobile detailing over a traditional car wash.

1. You get to enjoy scheduled appointment times

Inevitably, you might be preoccupied with other important things when you needed to take your car for some cleaning. Not to worry, all you need is to book an appointment with the detailer and state your vehicle’s physical location.

2. Professional tools and services

In contrast to the traditional car wash, mobile car detailing utilizes modernized equipment, achieving an excellent result.

3. There is no resource wasted

Mobile car detailing saves you the hassle of driving your car to the cleaning store. This will save you a lot of time that you might have spent on the traffic and fuel costs.

4. Contactless payment options

On the verge of the global pandemic, various organizations such as the World Health Organization advocate for contactless payment. Therefore, once your car has been thoroughly cleaned, you get to enjoy contactless payment options.


Conclusively, it would be best to choose mobile car detailing over traditional car wash for your cleaning needs. This is because of the convenience and quality of work that comes with doing car detailing. Based on the above procedure, it is evident that automotive detailing is a thorough cleaning process that leaves no part unattended. Even though the process may be long, it is a worthwhile investment as your car will be as good as new.

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