5 Characteristics of a Competent Automotive Repair Mechanic
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5 Characteristics of a Competent Automotive Repair Mechanic

5 Characteristics of a Competent Automotive Repair Mechanic

In order to acquire the foremost services for your car, it is important to think of certain aspects of the mechanic. There are a few important parameters that should be necessarily checked in order to select the best competent automotive repair mechanic. Essential parameters are discussed here and should be necessarily followed in order to choose the relevant mechanic.

1. Knowledgeable on the Different Auto Parts

There are various types of auto parts that are already out in the market. It is not possible for the car owners to have sufficient knowledge when this comes to vehicle parts, we will inevitably consult and depend on the overall expertise of the concerned mechanic. A simple trick for determining if the chosen car mechanic is really good in his business, you can ask him to differentiate a few parts and gauge whether he is confidently answering your question or is just making his way around. If you are on a hunt to hire one such mechanic, Bliss Mechanics is the way to go. They are equipped with 60 years of experience in the motor and auto electrical industry.

2. Diverse and Versatile Background on Automotive Repair Experiences

Different car models have different designs and parts, the traditional cars were similar to some extent but different brands had variations in the car parts. But in today’s age of specialization when there are several models of complex and high-tech vehicles including luxury and sports cars, family sedans, pick-up trucks and SUVs, we require someone who has a diverse background in the automotive repair services. So, look into the expertise field as it will help in repairing with less hassle.   You should discuss the car problems in order to seek authentication about his field of expertise and if he will be able to confidently complete the task. Cars or trucks in each field the profession mechanic may be the same but few skills vary too far extent.

3. Proper Certification Should Be the Preference

When we speak of certifications, perhaps the widely accepted and recognized one is ASE certification. With an ASE certification, we can be completely assured about their competence and knowledge as a car mechanic. An ASE certification is awarded only after passing a long series of exams which pertains to engine repair, electronic/electrical repair, engine performance, steering and suspension, air conditioning and heating, brakes, axles, manual drive train & automatic transmissions. There are separate tests for those who wish to become engine mechanists, repair technicians, parts specialists, etc.

Furthermore, all the ASE certifications have expiration dates that require technicians to re-test every five years in order to keep up with technology & to remain certified.


4. Works in an Auto Center of Repute

ASE certifications strictly apply only to individuals and not to the auto centres. However, an auto centre with at least one ASE certified mechanic is allowed to display the ASE sign. Furthermore, any auto centre which has 75% ASE certified car mechanics amongst its employees is rewarded the Blue Seal of Excellence from the ASE. Apart from the ASE recognition, there can be other signs which you should necessarily look for an auto centre which include a well-organized and neat facility which is complete with modern equipment, good policies pertaining to detecting damages and price of the car parts, labour rates, guarantees, courteous staff, modern equipment etc.

5. Highly Recommended by Friends and Family

You should necessarily pay considerable attention to the testimonials and recommendations of your friends and family members while finding the best car mechanic in your area. You can preferably ask for recommendations and referrals. The business listings and the local community organizations are also great sources of relevant information.

Choosing a good mechanic is very crucial and you can do so by following the footsteps which are mentioned in this writeup. You will surely end up in choosing a good and dependable mechanic.

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