5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Used Car

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Used Car

Every motorist reaches a point where they decide to upgrade to a better/newer car and as you probably know, the used car market is a bit of a minefield. There is an element of the unknown when buying a second-hand car and with that in mind, here are a few common mistakes to avoid.

1. Failing to check the vehicle history – The seller should provide documentation on the service history of the car, with receipts and invoices, including any repairs due to accident damage. If a car has a full service history, you know it has been cared for according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. One of the best online used car sales websites is Cars4Us in Wangaratta, where you can search with numerous criteria to quickly find vehicles that meet your needs.

2. Pay the asking price without trying to negotiate – You check out the car, it ticks all the boxes and you accept the selling price, no questions asked; you probably could have managed a couple of hundred dollar drop if you offered less. It is always best to negotiate, you have nothing to lose and dollars to gain.

3. Buying without a test drive – In order to get the feel of a car, you have to drive it and by making a deal without driving the car, you are taking a big risk. Taking her out for a spin allows you to check steering, brakes, handling, acceleration, lights, wipers, washers and the general feel of the vehicle.

4. Making an impulse buy – The very first car you see excites to, so much so that you make an offer and bingo, you have just bought a car! There might be an even better vehicle, so do shop around; you can always come back to that first view if it turns out to be the best option.

5. Going over budget – If you don’t set yourself a budget limit, the chances are you will buy a car that is a little out of your price range and that means struggling to make the monthly payments. Decide on a monthly payment that is affordable and let this be our guide.

If you are in Australia, check out Cars4Us, which is a nationwide online platform with a high volume of cars of every type. They have powerful search filters that take you to cars that match your criteria, while you can also take out an optional 5-year warranty for added peace of mind.

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