6 Reasons to Switch to LED Police Lights

6 Reasons to Switch to LED Police Lights

All over the U.S., fire, police, and EMS departments are improving the functionality and capabilities of their vehicles by adding LED lighting. Led Police Lights and other LED emergency lighting options offer a variety of benefits over other designs. The six primary reasons to switch to LED include:

LED Bars Require Little Maintenance
An inoperative light bar means downtime for patrol cars, and anytime this happens, it can severely impact the efficiency of the department (especially in small towns where there are fewer car availabilities). Unlike other options, LED light bars do not use moving parts (such as rotating motors.) Since LED light bars do not mechanically turn, they require a different wraparound design to provide sufficient visibility. Due to this characteristic, once installed, there is practically nothing to worry about going wrong.

LED Lights Are Very Energy Efficient
Traditional light bars require high-energy usage in police vehicles. In fact, to keep up with the high demands, batteries and alternator systems often have to be modified to keep up with the high demands for power. Otherwise, with the engine running and the high demand for energy, the electrical system can call for more electricity than the alternator can create, thus requiring additional batteries for power. Thankfully these costly modifications can be avoided with an LED light bar, which only demands one-quarter to one-fifth of the energy required by traditional options, and, since LED options can function on lower amounts of electricity, the total demand for energy will be well within the limits of a heavy-duty system without any additional modifications. Plus, despite requiring significantly lower amounts of energy, a well-designed LED option provides not only an energy efficient alternative but a brighter light choice than traditional light bars as well.

LED Lights Last Longer
Unlike halogen bulbs and incandescent bulbs, LED light bars are long lasting. In fact, these bulbs can last as long as 50,000 hours before requiring replacement, and fewer bulbs mean less money and fewer hours spent maintaining and testing your equipment.

LED Choices Are More Affordable
As more companies and designs have hit the scene, LED lighting options have dropped in price, making them more affordable than ever. In what is considered by many to be one of the most significant benefits, the more the LED lights are used, the more you save. To save more, many police vehicles will often use the existing light control heads. However, before you attempt this, you should always look into the compatibility, as some control units are unable to work with all the features of the LED police lights.

Safer Lighting
Public safety is a big issue for both the officers and other users on the road. Using LED technology offers a vast improvement to ensure officer visibility when in use. Plus, by increasing the brightness, LED police lights will alert road users of their presence even in the darkest environments.

Better Concealment
Since the cover lenses are typically clear, LED options are colorless when not in use, no matter what color the LED is when illuminated. Due to this, it makes LED lighting options have a lower profile than traditional light bars. However, despite their decreased visibility when powered down, there is no confusing the police car when the light bar turns on, which creates the perfect advantage for undercover police units. Less visibility in traffic and more visibility during emergency situations means discretion is much easier with LED light bars.

Whether you’re looking for longer lasting bulbs, better energy efficiency, or better concealment, LED lighting options offer a variety of benefits. For more information or answers to your police lighting options, call UltraBrightLightz at 888-562-5125. Our helpful experts are available to address any of your questions or concerns.

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