4 Measures To Take On For A Holden Astra Headlight Replacement

4 Measures To Take On For A Holden Astra Headlight Replacement

The headlights are the powerhouse by which your Holden Astra gets illuminated at night. However, most of the times, a blown bulb goes unnoticed, thus causing trouble for the owner. In the new models of Holden Astra’s, only the bulb can be replaced instead of the entire headlight, saving you some money. As the owner manual will detail, the vehicles of this brand have four headlights- two for low and two for high beam each. With the simple steps detailed below, you will be able to change the headlight without any difficulty.

4 Steps To Change Holden Astra Headlight Bulb: 


Holden Astra Headlight

#1. Choose the Correct Wattage

The Holden Astra automotive store has a user’s manual to ensure that the right kind of Holden Astra headlight is used for replacement. Check the color and wattage of the globe. The ones with a lower degree of 3200 K have a yellowish tint, while the ones with a higher degree of near 4200 K are more bluish. Do not fit any light over 4200 K as it is illegal. Regarding the brightness of the light, strictly adhere to the manufacturer’s manual that is provided although most lights are around 60 watts. If the wattage is higher than the one provided, the wiring harness will not be able to take the extra load and will melt. Moreover, high wattage bulbs can also be blinding for the traffic.

#2. Remove the Globe

The next step is to remove the Holden Astra headlight from the socket. The bulb can be accessed through the engine compartment of the car, instead of reaching from the front. Then you have to open the bonnet and locate the headlight connected to the bulb holder with a power connector of three wires. The wires can be disconnected by pushing the level of the metal cap or unscrewing the cap, depending upon the material used.  Remove the back cover to reveal the holder. You can then remove the bulb by holding on to its base. You might need to twist it or unclasp the pinch clip depending upon the mechanism. Remember the process of removal as you will have to reverse it while placing a new bulb.

#3. Replace with the New Globe:

Before installing the new Holden Astra headlight, clean it carefully with a clean cloth or by wearing gloves. This is to protect your hands from the residual oils produced by the heat generated by halogen bulbs and to ensure that the new bulb does not get stained. While handling the new bulb, always hold it by the base and not by the top of the bulb. Place the bulb firmly into the base so that it does not feel loose. Put the base or the holder back into the reflector and then cover it with the headlight protector cap. You can discern whether the bulb is fitted correctly by checking if the rubber gasket is visible.

#4. Check the Lights and Do A Test Drive

The next step is to test the bulb by turning on the Holden Astra headlight. You need to reattach the air hose to the air filter and also to reconnect the plug of the fuse. Check all the lights before you start the car. If all the lights are working smoothly, you can go for a test drive.

These are the main ways by which you can replace a Holden Astra headlight. However, make sure that the bulb meets the recommendations of the manufacturer. It is better if you procure it in-store. Take precautions not to touch the glass of the bulb and always wear protection to prevent the bulb from blowing off and diving injuries.

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