Alloy Wheels Vs Steel Wheels

Alloy Wheels Vs Steel Wheels

Selecting a correct wheel for your vehicle affects your car’s performance on the road. Additionally, your financial health, too, depends upon these wheels as well. On top of it, most of the car owners are office-goers or a person indulged in outdoor works. Under such circumstances, visiting the repair shops or servicing houses burdens their regular routine.

What is the solution?

 Our choice of wheels is completely tested for meeting your safety requirements. Moreover, it also works to prevent any mishaps on the road caused by improper alloy wheels. An improper set of alloy wheels can lead you to lose control of the vehicle. This, in turn, causes accidents. However, if you invest in or selection of alloy wheels, you can sit relaxed when it comes to your safety.

Therefore, proper wheel selection is very essential when it comes to achieving optimum performances on the road. Two of the most popular and competing choices are alloy wheels and steel wheels.

To help you even further in having a clear view of what these wheels offer, here are some of the points comparing their features.


If you’re looking for a better-looking wheel with enhanced performance and durability, Vauxhall alloy wheels are your type. The alloy wheels are more shining and better in appearance in comparison to the conventional steel wheels.


On the apparent level, the alloy wheels are a bit costlier than the steel wheels. However, if you compare all the surplus charges and features offered, alloy wheels can be a beneficial choice for you. It is because Alloy wheels the UK give you a plethora of features such as improved tyre life and better traction in just a few more pounds. Moreover, the alloy wheels are less likely to undergo wear and tear, thereby saving the additional charges of service.


Alloy wheels are designed with improved grip pattern as compared to the steel ones. The traction and aligned tread patterns present in alloy wheels along with a thickened sidewalls pattern, and the wheel could sustain itself on any bumpy terrain or road.

Load Index

Alloy wheels are more durable as the material used in its alloy frame is made up of cast aluminium, and other alloys. This help to provide your car with an improved load index. Alloy wheels UK is known to carry heavier loads as compared to the older variants of steel tyre models.

Fuel Economy

The alloy material used in making Vauxhall alloy wheels lessen the extra burden over the mechanical part of your vehicle. Hence, the car consumes less fuel and gives better mileage on being compared with its steel counterpart. It also reduces further strain while braking or cornering, thereby reducing the risk of fatal accidents.

Elite Wheels and Tyres is a leading name providing you with the best of alloy wheels that your vehicle will need. In case you too have made up your mind to change your car’s wheels, feel free to visit us.

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