Audi History – Past to Present

Audi History – Past to Present

Audi AG, well known as one of the finest car producers in the world right now, was started on 1885. During this moment, the Wanderer Corporation was set-up which eventually became a section of Audi AG. Afterward, in the year 1899, a guy named August Horch discovered a firm known as ‘A. Horch & Cie.’ 

This company was set up in the Ehrenfeld region of Cologne, here where August Horch developed his first car. This corporation shifted to Reichenbach in the year 1902.After two years, he set up a joint stock corporation in the place known as Zwickau named as ‘August Horch & Cie. In the year1909, Horch established his second firm, the August Horch Automobilwerke GmbH.

But almost immediately, he was prosecuted by his previous partners for a brand violation and was compelled to eliminate the ‘Horch’ word from his firm name. At this time he summoned a meeting amid his close industry buddies from Zwickau in order to talk regarding the company name. In the year 1910, ultimately he made a decision to alter the firm’s name to Audiwerke GmbH.

In the same year, Horch initiated the Audi Kind A, which soon became well-known among the people. Immediately after that Audi started participating in race contest and came to be victorious for three years in the global Austrian Alpine jog. The Alpine Challenge prize was offered to Audi drivers for coming first in 1914. Consequently, this made it obvious the starting of the record of Audi, a corporation starving for achievement.


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After the achievement of Audi Kind A, the businesses commenced several other 5720cc, 4680cc as well as 3564 cc forms. In the year1920, August Horch joined a post in the Transport Department; however, he remained an associate of the Audi board of trustees. After a year, Audi became the foremost car maker to present a car with left-hand drive.

Numerous Audiwerke AG shares were obtained by Jorgen Rasmussen in 1928. In the same year, he also bought the left out shares of the renowned US Corporation, Rickenbacker. This choice also offered the Rasmussen firm the rights to produce equipment meant for eight-cylinder engines. These engines were put in the Audi Dresden furthermore Audi Zwickau models in the year 1929.

In 1932, Audi joined with Wanderer, Horch, including the DKW to form the another union Auto Merger AG and this paved the way to the formation of Audi’s four rings symbol. In the same year, Audi launched the world’s foremost volume-constructed car known for its front-wheel-drive. In the later part of the 30s, Audi started taking part in Grand Prix contest. A new office was set up in Chemnitz, a new launch was made such as the initial 16-cylinder racing car as well as started conducting methodical rollover and collide tests.

In the year1941, Audi focused on developing military vehicles owing to the future war. Soon the car producer became an extremely accepted supplier of automobiles in the middle of 40s. Like various German car makers, Auto Union plants turn out to be a target for associated bombing in times of the II World War.

Consequently, in 1945, the United States Army attack caused enormous harm to Audi’s plant beside after few years Auto Union AG was eliminated from the sales register. But, Audi didn’t quit and started collecting pre-war brands in 1949. Furthermore, the firm was again named to Auto Union GmbH moreover, its unrelenting DKW’s the custom of developing front-wheel drive cars along with two-stroke engines.

Nowadays, Audi is regarded as one of the finest vehicle manufacturers in the earth has two branches, namely Audi e-Tron along with Audi India. Additionally, the firm has six secondary and an annual productivity of 1,741,100 automobiles.

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