Can Car Covers Scratch or Damage Car Paint?

Can Car Covers Scratch or Damage Car Paint?

Car covers are designed to protect your vehicle during short- or long-term storage. The last thing you want is to pull off your cover and find a scratch. With a quality car cover and the right maintenance steps, you shouldn’t have to worry about scratches from the cover itself. Find out how the original California Car Duster and a leading brand of car cover can help you protect your investment.

Can a Car Cover Scratch Your Paint?

Most concerns from scratches due to car covers are the result of improper storage or a low-quality car cover. Under either of these circumstances, your car cover may scratch your paint. Two common maintenance missteps include storing a dirty car and using a dirty cover.

Dirt and debris left on your vehicle can become spread around the paint as you put your cover on. Over time, this can create scratches. Use a car duster and the proper cleaning steps to avoid this issue. Similarly, dirt trapped inside your car cover will come in direct contact with your vehicle during storage. Be sure to inspect your cover periodically and clean it at the first signs of trapped dirt or debris.

Another common issue is using a low-quality cover. Custom fit car covers from a leading brand use a soft cotton inner layer to prevent scratches. Some low-quality covers may not have a soft inner layer. If the inner layer is made of rough material, such as plastic, it can cause scratches as you slide it over your vehicle. A cover that’s too large or small can also cause issues as you attempt to cover your entire vehicle.

5 Tips To Keep Your Car in Top Shape

Maintain your car and use the right storage items to enjoy a scratch-free surface. Whether caring for your daily commuter or a classic ride, follow these five tips:

Wash your vehicle: A thorough wash with a recommended car shampoo prevents dirt and contaminants from affecting the wheel paint job. You should be washing your vehicle about every two weeks, depending on your use.
Wax you ride: Wax protects your car’s body from small scratches, UV rays and other issues. There are many different wax products designed for different application techniques, so review the instructions carefully before using your wax.
Choose the right car cover: Don’t believe a manufacturer that claims car covers can protect in any environment. Select a specific indoor or outdoor cover that matches your make and model of vehicle for the best protection.
Consider long-term storage solutions: If you’re planning on parking your vehicle for weeks or months at a time, a cover may not be enough protection. In these situations, consider a car bubble or car bag storage solution.
Shop online for quality products: You don’t have to spend a fortune to prevent scratches, faded paint and other issues. Care for your car the right way with high-quality products purchased online at a great price.

Follow these five tips and you’ll enjoy a stunning commuter or classic vehicle. Combine these bodywork protection tips with routine auto maintenance to keep your vehicle cruising and turning heads for years to come.

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