Diesel Car Maintenance Tips

Diesel Car Maintenance Tips

The ’90s ushered in an auto revolution in India. There has been a proliferation of diesel cars, for the last three decades. Nearly, all the major automakers in the world like Ford, Toyota, Fiat, Volkswagen has introduced diesel cars. In a country like India, where fuel is expensive, diesel cars have always been tremendously popular, due to better mileage. Diesel cars function on the principle of internal combustion. Air enters the chamber, which is followed by combustion, raising of temperature and fuel-injected burns to run the pistons. As compared to a normal petrol engine, diesel engine compresses it much more. This results in a lot of wear and tear and the need for constant maintenance.

For all of you, who own diesel cars, you will relish these maintenance tips a lot.

Here we go as follows:

  • Ignition – Unlike petrol engines, diesel engines don’t have spark plugs. Ignition is done solely using battery power. So, users must minimize using AC and other electricals, while starting the car.
  • The Clutch Should Be Engaged During Ignition – If the clutch is engaged while ignition, it reduces the load on the starter motor. This increases the lifespan of the motor and reduces maintenance bills in the long term.
  • Preheating – The diesel engine requires preheating. In light of this, most of the cars contain a preheating mechanism. The driver should wait till the preheat indicator is off and only after that, should he start the ignition.
  • The Revolution Range Must Be Optimum – The higher revolution range above 4000-5000 mark, lead to more sound, reduce fuel economy and lead to less power. If you keep the rev low, the engine will be in good health.
  • The Turbocharger Must Be Always Protected – Ensure that your turbocharger is always protected against wear and tear. For increasing its longevity, make sure that you cool it down after finishing driving. The best thing is to leave the turbocharger running on neutral gear for 2 mins. If your turbocharger is damaged, then it will lead to loss of power, more oil consumption.
  • Never lay rubber – If you lay rubber, you will need to replace the dual mass flywheel. This will also lead you to replace the clutch also.
  • Regular Vehicle Service – You should always do proper vehicle servicing every six months, or if possible every three months. Always apply coolants, engine oils and air and oil filters must be definitely changed. Do give utmost attention to gaskets.
  • The Pressure Of The Tire – Always check the tire pressure regularly, as given in the vehicle’s manual. This will definitely improve the engine’s performance.
  • Always check the fuel of the engine – While driving, make sure you monitor the amount of fuel in your engine. If the engine is dry, the fuel pump stops. The fuel has to be supplied manually to the engine, for the engine to resume working. A dry engine might also start rusting. Realizing this, most automakers nowadays keep the cutoff limit for fuel as 2 to 3 liters.

Keep these points in mind to maintain your diesel vehicle, superfluously and hit the road as and when desired.

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