Equip Your SUV With All-Weather Tires For Year-Round Safety

Equip Your SUV With All-Weather Tires For Year-Round Safety

SUVs, also known as Sport Utility Vehicles, are specifically designed for drivers looking to enjoy the benefits of both increased seating capacity and off-road driving. Many people today lean over buying an SUV due to a variety of reasons. Most families would prefer riding an SUV as it can carry up to eight passengers combined with large storage pockets that are highly ideal for storing random stuff. There is also an improved line of visibility for everyone as SUVs tend to be larger in size compared to normal cars.

Another well-known characteristic of SUV is its versatility. With its powerful engine and weight, you can drive your way through all kinds of roads. But of course, another component worth mentioning are the tires. When it comes in tires, there can be nothing more excellent than an SUV equipped with a set of All-weather tires.

Equip Your SUV

All-Weather Tires for Your SUV

The constant question regarding what should be the best tire option for your vehicle remains unsolved. Since most people in North America are not using any form of winter or snow tires, the best for most SUV owners would be an all-weather tire. By using these tires, rest assured that you don’t have to worry about changing to winter tires, nor getting anxious about the recent weather forecasts. These tires will work just as well on dry or wet summer roads as they will on snowy and icy winter roads. They will give you peace of mind regardless of what the forecaster says.

Hitting the Roads During Winter

When you face severe snowstorms, all-weather tires will be reliable on snowy roads, but you will most likely be stuck in the chaos as so many other drivers will still not have learned that they should use all-weather tires for their cars. It doesn’t matter if you drive an SUV, you will still need to get proper tires for it. A set of SUV all-weather tires is what is necessary for your SUV to be safe to drive all year long. These tires will look as rugged as the summer tire version, but they will actually work during winter conditions and provide sufficient grip to keep you on the road and not off it.

Since SUVs are heavier – and if your SUV is a hybrid it is even heavier – this puts even more strain on the tires and you will need to ensure that you have wear-resistant tires that can handle the heavier weight of an SUV, and in the hybrid case even to cover the heavier battery packs. If you have a hybrid SUV, make sure your new tires are acceptable for electric cars, so you don’t risk wearing out the tires too quickly.

Tips for Using Your SUV All-Weather Tires

If you plan to use your SUV all-weather tires for all year long, you will need to rotate the tires so the wear between the front and rear tires will even out. This will help the tires last longer. Because hybrid vehicles weigh more than standard vehicles, it is even more important to track your tire wear so you can regularly rotate the tires at the right time. You might have to rotate your tires more than twice per year depending on how much you use the car and how far you drive it.

To know when you will need to rotate, you will need to measure the tread depth on a regular basis and track the difference in wear between the front and rear tires. Once the tires have reached the critical limit of the tread depth, it is time to purchase new tires.

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