FAW IN PAKISTAN: AL-HAJ FAW MOTORS Limited is a Pakistani Automobile manufacturer based in Karachi Pakistan since 2013. The company assembles passenger and commercial vehicles in Pakistan. This company was incorporated as a private company in Pakistan in October 2006. Its first product was launched in 2006 which include different vehicles like heavy commercial vehicles, Dump trucks, Light commercial vehicles and different passenger cars for daily use. The company started its local production in the year 2011. FAW motors have introduced different light vehicles which include Mini Van and pickup these both were launched in 2012 after that the company started regular production of Minivan also named as XPV and pickup commonly known as carrier in September 2012. In August 2017 the company launched 1st locally assembled Chinese car in Pakistan named as FAW V2. There are different Cars in Pakistan.

ASSEMBLY PLANT: Its assembly plant is located in Karachi Pakistan.

TECHNOLOGY AND FEATURE: Like other brands this company has also tried to add most of the features to their product which includes. The most common feature of cars of this company includes power windows, power mirrors, power steering Etc.

FAW CARS IN PAKISTAN: Currently 3 vehicles of this company are being used in Pakistan which includes FAW XPV with beautiful interior including features, space and comfort, if we compare its quality with Suzuki we will find it relatively better, fuel economy of this car is excellent, if we talk about it ride quality so while driving it you will just feel like driving a car but actually it’s a van its price is 12.1 lac to 13.1 Lac, FAW V2 is another car being used in Pakistan, this card shows an elegant design, especially for hatchback, the first generation FAW V2 2019 was introduced in 2014 by the company it is a front engine front wheel drive hatchback and is available in 1 variant V2 VCT-I its price is 12.04 Lac and at last comes FAW Carrier with a price of 10.5 to 10.7 Lac its 1st generation was introduced in 2013 and it is a commercial vehicle comparing its exterior with same models of different brand will let you know that it provides better users experience.

AVAILABILITY IN PAKISTAN: These cars are available at different dealers all over the country.

FINAL STATEMENT: If the user wants to have a better driving experience they should give this company a try as they are working on their cars with full motivation and are trying to provide them with better options as compared to other brands.

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