Ford Focus New Model is Even Better

Ford Focus New Model is Even Better

It accelerates smoothly and do not let you notice through any unwanted noise

Among the top small family cars, Ford Focus has a very notable place and it is due to the performance and modern look of the vehicle. The rise in sale of crossovers has not dented much this real hatchback segment that is why in United Kingdom selling of number of units of this car is still on the rise. The main reason of this maintaining this position consistently is the driving experience it offers to the buyers. There is a three-cylinder engine under its bonnet which is to produce 125bhp at maximum. With this power output it would not lag behind and also give you a desired level of refinement. It accelerates smoothly and do not let you notice through any unwanted noise so what one expects from an Ford Engines of this capability are present there.


Manual transmissions are bolted and they are six in number which are not to hamper the performance but to compliment it. So you may remain engage with shifting gears but it would not get on your nerves. Steering is good and complies with the commands of hands of the person holding it, which means cornering is not an issue and moving it on bends is also remarkably fine. The hind wheels follow the front pair all the way and ensures a perfect driving experience.

The Use of Light Weight But Tougher Material to Build the Chassis

The new model has included some great features to make it safer and nimble in acceleration. This latest model has been launched through a new platform and particularly for the Buyers in Europe. The look is great for many as the creases on the body makes it eye catching. The use of light weight but tougher material to build the chassis is now much common and it is also observed in this year’s model of Focus, so it is lighter than the outgoing car.

By shedding reasonable weight the car has become more suitable for three-cylinder engine with manual gear shift. The bonnet is longer than before and the wheelbase too, which afford more leg space for the rear seat passengers.


With A Phone App You Can Do A Number of Tasks Like

The infotainment system is much like a tablet and the dials in front of the driver is not a great thinking. By paying little more, the optional head-up display is available which is quite handy as it provides you display of speed, navigation arrows and information on systems for driver assistance which makes it as good as of any other car in the class. With built in connectivity system, it provides information of traffic as well as searches for the destinations on its own. With a phone app you can do a number of tasks like finding your car, checking fuel, locking it and many others. The tech features are really great even to think of and using them practically is a wonderful experience. Options for the suspensions are also not very limited so you can select one for your car. Three completely different rear suspensions are available and the front suspension has not changed and just continuity of the previous one. Both diesel and petrol engines are present in the range and carbon emission is also very much in control which is a common concern for the urban buyers.

It Deactivates One Cylinder When Car is Cruising Smoothly

There are seven trim levels to select from and the base level model is very competitively priced and is cheaper to many rivals. But most of the people go for the mid-level trims which are pricey so the car is not a cheap option as one may think. Good resale value is another advantage you can see in buying the new Focus. Eco-boost Ford Diesel Engines have the cylinder deactivation system which surely enhances efficiency of the vehicle.

For example, it deactivates one cylinder when car is cruising smoothly and by doing so 123bhp powered car manages to achieve fuel average of almost 59mpg with carbon emission figure of 108g/km. So it seems working for the purpose of environment protection. In this regard, it matches with the competitors like Skoda and Octavia. The car has many advantages and poses reasonable challenges for the best performers of the segment.

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