Honda City 1.5 Aspire 2018 Automatic

Honda City 1.5 Aspire 2018 Automatic

The face of the peak of the traditional annual car sales, Honda Taiwan Honda in the fourth quarter of this year, the city officially introduced the mid-term facelift, which is also following the 9/20 formally published a small facelift Fit, the brand’s another major market update , The change in addition to the appearance of minor adjustments within the set, the most important or focus on the current consumer concern security issues above, through the increase in safety equipment also makes Honda in the domestic car market is more emphasis on Small car-level distance has a new competitive edge.


The new facelift Honda City appearance is released to the Thai rules from January to January, printed regulations line, and maintain the existing Solid Wing Face family features, while the headlamps to maintain the general halogen bulb design, but the headlights The bottom edge of the group can see a white LED daytime running light. As for the sharp water tank cover looming you can see grid intake parts have increased, chrome trim area slightly smaller, the front bumper design has also been changed, the bottom of the design similar spoiler shape, while the left and right fog lamp holder also retained Down Change to the rear, taillights group to maintain the traditional design of the halogen bulb taillights, while the bumper after the redesign of the Fit-like shape, looks more layered, but also more chain washing.

Built-up to maintain “Layered floating cockpit” multi-level suspension of the cockpit design core, with a slightly biased driver’s seat center console supplemented by delicate workmanship to create soft plastic and suture handling, and capacitive touch panel The air-conditioning system designed not only achieves the intuitionistic operation interface but also presents a rare high-quality design of a small-sized motorhome. The center console is replaced with the same generation of Fit as the new generation of a new generation of “touch apex communications sound system” with the 8-inch capacitive multi-touch screen to support high-definition video playback, built-in NAVI Satellite navigation, wireless convergence smartphones, multi-function Bluetooth interface, multimedia and other functions.

2018 All-New CITY With a new generation of “touch-top communications audio system” at the 1.5 VTi-S level, the 8-inch capacitive multi-touch screen supports high-definition video playback with built-in NAVI satellite navigation, Wireless connectivity smartphones, multi-function Bluetooth interface, multimedia support and other functions; combined with the cluster multi-function steering wheel, driving more convenient and safe, and enjoy the rich driving pleasure, so that consumers can ride while also enjoying a richer Video technology and live entertainment.

Honda’s 2018 Honda City retains the advantage of a flexible and easy-to-drive 1.5L with Honda’s “MM maximization of maximized car room space and minimized mechanical space”, and utilizes the UP-CLASS concept of body size to create a car- Medium-sized motorhomes have ample cabin space, and the entire car also incorporates methods to reduce cabin noise. Surrounding acoustical materials ensure optimal quietness while the new shock absorbers also enhance overall ride comfort.


2018 Honda City is fully equipped with “VSA Body Dynamic Stability Control System”, “Motion Adaptive Steering Wheel Dynamic Correction Assist System”, “HSA Slope Start Assist System”, “BOS Brake Priority System”, “EBD Electronic Brake Assignment System” “BA Electronic Brake Assist System”, “ESS Emergency Brake Warning System”, “CTS Smart Directional Light”, “TPMS Tire Pressure Anomaly Warning System” and other nine active safety systems and light guide LED daytime running lights, light Induction automatic headlamps, ISOFIX and other equipment, combined with neck protection headrest and 6 SRS auxiliary airbags (VTi-S models), Honda’s unique safety body technology G-CON and ACE steel body protection.

2018 Honda City uses the evolved i-VTEC engine power, which features lightweight engine to further operational efficiency; the use of accelerated noise and operational vibration suppression technology to improve road quality; low fuel consumption and sewage control technology ; The overall configuration not only effectively improve engine performance, the fuel economy, the average fuel consumption up to 17.5km / L, 1.5L at the same class models of fuel consumption performance is quite prominent in the ECON energy saving mode, about 10% .

In the power transmission, 120hp @ 6600rpm, 14.8kgm@4600rpm output quite adequate performance, and match Honda’s newly developed G-Design Shift design, so Honda’s latest Earth Dreams CVT non-gearbox with traditional self-aligning speed Box-like lifting features, as well as excellent linear acceleration, with Paddle Shift steering wheel shift dials up to 7-speed analog gear and design (VTi-S), fully realize the fun.

In the face of market competition in cross-border vehicles, small and medium-sized domestic vehicles in the past two years face considerable challenges, but after all, there is still the advantage of moving cars in the city. Honda City, which with the original Crossover that is close to space and performance and power performance and good fuel consumption performance, coupled with the change for the security settings to enhance, for budget, affordable buyers I believe still have some appeal.

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