Honda HR-V 2018 Price in Pakistan, Specs and Pictures

Honda HR-V 2018 Price in Pakistan, Specs and Pictures

Honda HR-V is a front-wheel-drive or all-wheel drive SUV subcompact class, the main target audience of which are young people who prefer an active lifestyle and in the car for them is not only the appearance, but also its capabilities their combination.

The second incarnation of the car celebrated its official debut in April  at the Auto Show in New York, however, only as a concept car, while its production model flaunted in front of the general public in November of the same year on the stage of the Los Angeles motor- show. At the same time, at home, the five-door was introduced in the fall of on the show

Outside, the Honda HR-V of the second generation is a cute crossover, the elegance of which is given by the clean and neat outline of the body, perfectly looking from the rounded “nose” and to frying the stern.
Not lacking aggression front with beautiful headlights, a “family” radiator grille and a relief bumper, an energetic silhouette with a falling roof, integrated into the body of the handles of the rear doors and expressive “folds” on the sides, a stylish rear with large fang lanterns and a neat bumper – This car will be liked by those who shuns excessively bold and bright design decisions.

With its dimensions, the crossover completely corresponds to the concepts of the subcompact class: in length it totals 4295 mm, in width – 1773 mm, in height – 1605 mm. The wheelbase at the five-door takes 2610 mm, and its ground clearance fits 185 mm. In the “marching” form the machine weighs from 1241 to 1389 kg depending on the version.

Inside the “second” Honda HR-V continues the theme of restrained elegance, but at the same time the interior looks beautiful, interesting and modern. The asymmetric center console is crowned with a color screen of an entertainment and information installation, below which a stylish microclimate unit with a touch control is based. In the driver’s workplace there is a lean multifunctional steering wheel with a three-spoke design and a smart combination of instruments with two analog dials and a color display of the port computer in the right round.
On the front seats of the Honda HR-V there are comfortable seats with unobtrusive side support rollers, large adjustment intervals and a heating system. On the second row there is a comfortable three-setter sofa and a solid amount of free space in all directions  for more details about Honda HR V CLICK HERE

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