How ECU Remapping Can Be Effective For Your Audi Car Engine?

How ECU Remapping Can Be Effective For Your Audi Car Engine?

Nowadays, almost every Audi vehicle consists of an engine control unit (ECU). It is basically a computer which controls the function of your Audi’s engine. You can easily change the mode of functioning by changing its settings a bit. All you have to do is to go for a session of ECU chip tuning for this. Yes, there are plenty of benefits of getting your car remapped. Some older Audis can be remapped as well. The only difference is it has to be chipped and not remapped instead.

What Is ECU Remapping?

Chipping also called remapping involves a process when a third-party software program is installed within the ECU. This is to replace the faulty software program installed by the manufacturer. A number of components are included in this software program to optimise your engine. This software can be personalised as well according to model of each car. This provides your car with a better performance and fuel economy.

The Procedure Of ECU Remapping

The installation of the software is conducted in a unique way. The laptop is connected to the OBD serial port first. This means the whole process offers zero risk and is quite quick to finish as well.

The Positive Effects Of ECU Remapping

ECU remapping means, the ECU software program’s alteration. When that happens, you can expect a number of benefits in return. Some of these benefits can be considered below.

Improved Performance

Yes, by changing the ECU software, the engine’s performance gets improved to a great extent. This is mainly done by enhancing the torque and horsepower of your car by 20%. Sometimes, this level increases somewhat as well. Surprisingly, the performance of many vehicles is decreased for various reasons. Compliance with noise, economy or emissions regulations are some of them.

Prevention Of Engine Replacement

Most of the vehicles come with a certain warranty period. This is because the manufacturers want to avoid the replacement or rebuilding of engine at any cost. Engine remapping retains a reasonable performance within the engine’s capacity. This way you can avoid the huge costs of changing your engine frequently.

Revamping Of Face-lifted Cars

Face-lifted vehicles are like samples of the actual models of the cars. Manufacturers release these cars just before launching the new cars in the market. Giving these face-lifted cars the functionality of new cars is not a difficult task. A session of ECU remapping is more than enough. By altering the ECU settings over these face-lifted cars, manufacturers can increase their power and performance reasonably. This makes these cars much sought-after in the market without any further improvements.

How Long Is An ECU Remapping?

A separate room is needed to conduct the session ECU remapping successfully. This is because of the various restrictions imposed on the manufacturers. Factors like quality of the fuels, laws and the encompassing climates have mainly contributed to these constraints. This makes the procedure of ECU Remapping quite fast which gets over within an hour. During this procedure the fuel and horsepower of your Audi can be improved reasonably. This is done by altering the ECU’s pertinent settings with the new software.

The Remaining Procedure

After this new software program is installed, you must get it remapped whenever necessary. This will increase both your car’s performance and fuel economy alike.

The Benefits Of ECU Remapping For Your Car

A number of improvements can be attained by aligning the parameters effectively. These include boosting up the pump timing, fuel delivery rates, pressure, throttle-response and speed etc. Besides, the maps of the ECU software are also adjusted effectively which streamline the speed, throttle-response and speed alike. Some of the benefits which you can expect from ECU remapping and car chip tuning can be considered below.

Better Torque

By going for a session of Engine remapping and for your car, the torque of your Audi car can be improved optimally. It increases between 30 and 40 bhp and till 80Nm of torque.

More Responsive Engine

Through engine remapping, you can ensure a better responding engine concerning your Audi. This lets you overtake in a much safer and more convenient manner.

Increased MPG

You can also ascertain increased mpg for your car by getting it remapped. This prevents you from changing the gear of your car every now and then.

Which Cars Can Be Remapped?

Most of the vehicles of the modern era can be remapped. Say for instance, a car with a 1 litre engine can be remapped as well provided it has a turbocharger. The turbocharger is conventionally infused into the engine. The engine basically functions via a combined fuel by mixing air with compressed fuel. This mixture is put into the cylinders to ignite the engine. This increases the fuel compression and therefore your car’s overall power.


So, this time go for a session of chip tuning for your car without a failure. By doing so, you can expect the advantages given above instead.

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