How to Make Sure You Get Your Driving License on Your Next Exam

How to Make Sure You Get Your Driving License on Your Next Exam

Failing a driving test can be an incredibly frustrating experience. Not only do you have to wait to get a second try, but you also have to pay the fee once again. If it’s your first try, this can be very stressful, and even more if it’s your second. However, there are some things that you can do to significantly improve your chances of getting it right. Sometimes, it’s all a matter of avoiding simple mistakes and remembering what matters the most. Let’s take a look at what you can do to improve the chances of getting your driver’s license on your upcoming exam.

Avoid Simple Mistakes

There are some common drivers test mistakes that might seem small at first glance but will get you an automatic fail. If you routinely forget to use your signals when changing lanes, for instance, then you likely won’t pass. Rolling stops (when you don’t stop completely at stop signs) is another fatal error that will hurt you. So, make sure that you have all of your fundamentals down, and pay attention to every detail. More importantly, make sure that you focus on driving safely and pay special attention to road signs.

Don’t Be Too Cautious

While you want to be safe, you don’t want to be TOO safe. Driving too slow is another thing that could get you in trouble, so you have to also make sure that you drive confidently. Hesitant driving can become dangerous, especially in fast traffic like on highways.

Spend a Large Portion of Your Time Practicing Your Parking

Parallel parking will play a very important role in your test, and if you mess up badly, you will likely fail even if you did every single thing right before that. This is why you should spend a lot of time practicing it. You shouldn’t put too much pressure on yourself, though. As long as you don’t touch any cars and are not rolling over the curb, the examiner should be happy. However, commit either of these two mistakes, and it’s an automatic fail.

Know 4 Way Intersection Priority

There might be a situation where you get to a 4-way intersection at the same time as other drivers during your test. It’s very important that you understand the order of priority there. In this case, the car on the right should go first.

Know How to Merge

While it’s improbable that your test administrator will take you on the highway, in case they do, you absolutely need to know how to merge into the lane properly. The worst thing you could do is stop at the end of the ramp. You need to merge confidently, or else, you might cause a very dangerous situation. Do this, and you can pretty much kiss your license goodbye.


If you want to make sure to pass your next test, keep these tips in mind and get loads of practice beforehand. If anything, focus on safety and observation without being hesitant and practice the most important points.

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