New Honda BRV 2018 Price -Features and Release Date

New Honda BRV 2018 Price  -Features and Release Date

December 27, 2016, Honda introduced a small models – Honda BR-V, the design has changed, the introduction of 1.5S CVT version and 1.5V navi version, respectively, Front face design with eye-opening design, bright black chrome grille with both sides of the headlights connected together, plus the bottom of the chrome bar is very texture. The lower air inlet is in mesh form. Honda BR-V is also equipped with front and rear anti-skid plate, under the fog lamp with LED fluorescent lamp, equipped with five-spoke Y-type aluminum alloy wheels, exterior mirrors are also equipped with two-color color, also decorated with chrome, equipped with large rear spoiler Device, rear parking sensor shark-fin antenna and chrome exhaust pipe.

This is Honda’s latest seven compact home SUV you, is not feeling very contradictory? Why seven of the also a compact type? The original body size of the car is only the domestic hot Honda XRV big a lap only, it can be said not Honda CRV big, but still has a staggering 7, of course, when filled with people, The trunk is almost impossible to use   A look at this side of the Honda BRV body side is obviously deliberately stretched, and the car’s side of the window feel a bit unnatural, the wheelbase is also significantly elongated, and the car’s body only length 4.5 Meters less than a little, but the wheelbase has reached a staggering 2.7 meters, and see how the Honda designer “frenzied” Sharp front LED headlamps, of course, if it is 14 million start that section is only halogen headlamps, but the car’s design style, especially the front face of the style is very scientific and technological beauty It is reported that the car’s latest crash results reached a five-star, and indeed a very good result

The car is a very classic 2 plus 3 plus 2 seat layout, we can see the car or a letter of the style of the hatchback, if filled with people, luggage trunk is really called the same shape, Of course, if you only sit up to 5 people about, then the car there are four six-style features, and instantly expand the 3 times the trunk space

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