Read Wheels Magazine Back Issues In Classic Cars

Read Wheels Magazine Back Issues In Classic Cars

If you are a vintage car enthusiast who keeps visiting classic car shows to peek into the past, then the idea of ‘flipping classic cars for profit’ must have crossed your mind at some point of time. It may even happen that a potential money maker is lying neglected for years in your garage or overgrown paddock, whose real value you never tried to unearth.

The value of antique vehicles is accruing quite steadily in Australia. A classic car purchased for $30,000 can easily fetch more than a million dollar now. There are antique car lovers who keep aside a pool of money to invest in collector cars only. They do it not always for profit but also to relish the fact that they have now become the proud owner of classic cars.

Classic Cars

If you are a historic car lover too, pondering over the idea of buying/selling a classic car then it’s very important that you gather detailed information before taking the plunge. Several options can be explored for the purpose, but the resources that you can get easily and affordably are unique cars magazine back issues and booklets. Let’s take a look at 5 vintage cars which are worth collecting for investment or hobby purpose.


This car was promoted as the first ‘World Car’ when the Holden replaced its full-sized HZ with a smaller version in 1978. Of all the models released in 1978, it was the SL/E that stole the show and is still sought by classic car lovers. The uniqueness about Commodore is that it was born in Europe but nurtured by the Aussies. Though inspired by the Opel body and Chassis, the Holden Commodore flaunted unique features of its own like 4.2-litre V8 enginesm Trimatic gearbox, four-wheel disc brakes, 15-inch alloy wheels and a lot more. No wonder that Wheels, the top motor magazine Australia recognized it as the ‘Car of the Year’ in 1978. If you can get hold of Wheels Magazine back issues then you can learn a lot more about Holden VB Commodore.

FORD XB GT 351 Coupe

Debuted in 1973, some feel this is one car which was way ahead of its time. Though it drew inspiration from its predecessors the XAs, but the XB had far better and sleeker features that helped it rule the Australian driveways from 1974 to 1976. The GT of the XB Falcon line became most popular with 351 Cleveland engine, which empowered it to whip up 300hp and 380 lbs-ft. of torque. Though the standard transmission was four-speed manual but the car was available in three-speed FMX automatic form too.

BUICK RIVIERA 1963 – 1999

GM made its prestigious entry into the personal luxury car niche with the Riviera model. From 1963 till 1999, the ‘stunningly smart’ Buick Riviera remained the prime choice of luxury car lovers due to the way it balanced comfort and dexterity on road. This car was equally applauded by automotive journalists, a special mention of which can be found in Wheels Magazine back issues.


The best way to define this car is ‘impossibly beautiful’! The car with its pop-up headlamps, and mid-mounted engine drew attention the moment it hit the road in 1972. Finally, it was the curvaceous car shape and leather-lined cockpit that made it a real beauty on the road. Ride a Maserati Merak and you are bound to draw quite a few envious glances! Some naysayers opine that the car had quite a few glitches which justify its limited production. Yet if you are drawn towards the Maserati magic then check the real facts from classic cars magazine back issues.


Take a spin in a Porsche 930 911 turbo and you will feel like doing it every day! The turbo-charging technology which got introduced with this sports car is proudly continued till date by Porsche. The car comes with a front spoiler, wide sparkled fenders, a rear wing, improved wheels, brakes, tires, and suspension. Car racers unanimously agree that while driving a Porsche 930, it’s impossible to focus on anything else. You can learn a lot more about this sports car from the back issues of Wheels mag.

The classic car market in Australia looks promising at present as the exotic vehicle stocks are drying up fast in Europe. If you want to reap benefit of the moment by flipping vintage cars then start the preparation now!

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