Simple Tips To Avoid Scratches Dings & Dents on Your Car

Simple Tips To Avoid Scratches Dings & Dents on Your Car

A car is an investment you want to secure, whether it is your first or your twentieth automobile. We all want our cars to look fantastic both for ownership and for potential resale value in the vehicle. It just makes sense to keep your car in the best possible shape.

Keep a check on the weather

One of the worst kinds of cosmetic damage that can be done to you is hail. In a matter of seconds, hail can destroy the whole car’s body. It may be fair to repair hail damage that is more superficial and covers only a small area of the vehicle. However, if the damage covers a lot of the exterior of your car or is especially bad, with the cost of repairs, you do not get the resale value back. Substantial hail damage can dent the entire body of your vehicle, smash windows, etc. If necessary, park your car in the garage or a covered parking space. Hair storms can happen almost any time of year but are most likely to occur in Idaho in the spring. Check the weather for your state. Blowing debris onto your vehicle, wind and other storms can also cause car damage. If you understand that during storms you will have to park outside, consider investing in a car cover to throw over your vehicle for safety. Depending on the type of vehicle you want, canvas covers can be purchased for about $100 or less.

In general, the moment a person sees a new ding on their car makes them take a double-take until their heart begins to sink. This occurs all too frequently because of reckless mistakes and people who, after they have caused harm to another’s vehicle, don’t bother to leave notes. Although avoiding all chances of dings, dents and scratches may be difficult, there are a few things you can do to keep your vehicle better safe and great looking.

Park carefully

Parallel parking will provide you with the best protection against scratches and dings when available since you do not have other drivers opening their car doors next to yours. Have a buddy stand outside your vehicle to help you through the process if parallel parking is difficult for you. You will be a parallel parking pro with a bit of practice.

Keep your car in the garage

Whenever you can, park your car in the garage. This protects the vehicle from harsh weather such as heat and snow. It also protects you from people walking by dings, stray tree branches or bird feces, and robbers ‘break-ins.

Be cautious during car washes

It is a gamble to go through an automated car wash. Washing machines will fail and damage the end of your vehicle. Or rocks and debris can be carried by the car wash brushes that can then damage the car when it is cleaned. Go to a self-serve car wash here in Idaho if possible, or wash your car in your driveway.

Keep a check on your kids

Kids can be a threat to the paint job of your vehicle, between car seats, hockey sticks, bikes, and other toys. To eliminate their scratch ability, place your children’s sports equipment in duffle bags, and help them load their stuff into the car so that it does not go astray on the way in.

Always park in the shade

The hail damage is the cause of vehicle dings. Should the whole car get hit with small to large balls of ice, it can be a very expensive fix. If you have to go out, even if you are already out, try to stop getting your car out of the driveway while a hail storm is coming, even try to park your vehicle under shelter. Often, consider the cover of a canvas car protector. When you have no other choice for coverage, you can still throw it over your parked car.

A door dent here and there can eventually be unavoidable. Some firms conduct paintless dent repairs if you can’t stand the sight of them. This is a form of dent removal that uses special equipment to force the dent out from the inside, without the dent has to be painted. It’s a clean patch, and the repair can be repeated several times while you wait. For dings that can not be removed and appear as small scratches in the paint, there may be items in automotive stores to help you hide the damage.

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